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Jude Terror is the Webmaster Supreme of The Outhouse and a sarcastic ace reporter dedicated to delivering irreverent comics and entertainment news to The Outhouse's dozens of loyal readers. Driven by a quest for vengeance, Jude Terror taught himself to program and joined The Outhouse. He instantly began working toward his goal of forcing the internet comics community to take itself less seriously and failing miserably.  Ironically, our webmaster, whose website skills know no end, has very little understanding of social networks or how they work.  Regardless, you can find him on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, but would probably have the most luck just emailing him.


Avengers vs. X-Men - There Can Only Be One

Get ready for Act 3 of Avengers vs. X-Men in Avengers vs. X-Men #9, where Captain America goes Highlander on the Marvel Universe.

Chris Roberson Teams Up With Star Creators to Destroy Direct Market With Monkeybrain

Former DC Comics creator Chris Roberson's Monkeybrain launches today, the culmination of a months-long plan for revenge on Big Comics.


In what seems like a natural progression for the comic book industry, Image Comics is apparently moving into the prostitution business.

Woman to Write Catwoman, Sales Expected to Drop Dramatically

Ann Nocenti is rumored to be taking over Catwoman with issue #13 in October, which will probably spell doom for the troubled title.

DC's Zero Hour 2: The Zeroest Hour Cover Revealed!

DC will be collecting all the Zero issues into one massive hardcover collection for holiday release. Take a look at the cover!

VS.! - DCnU

The long-awaited DCnU edition of VS.! is finally here! Join Herald and Amoebas as they discuss DC's new universe!

Just a Little More Blud: XXX-Men

What happens when Jude and Blud try to watch the X-Men Anime? Find out in this week's strip!

Want a Deluxe 25th Anniversary Princess Bride Blu-Ray Release? As You Wish!

The Princess Bride will be returning to Blu-Ray with a full-featured 25th anniversary edition!

DC to Lure Fanboys to Comic Con with Promise of Meeting a Real Woman

DC will be showing off Amanda Connor at their booth at San Diego Comic Con.

Geoff Johns Retconning Image of Comic Creators in New DC Ad

Donning a sweet leather jacket and baseball cap, DC megastar writer Geoff Johns is going to show people that comics can be cool.