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SDCC: DC Meet the Publishers Panel

Two of comics most notorious figures, Jim Lee and Dan Didio, held court with fans at San Diego Comic Con.

SDCC: Scott Lobdell Calls His Writing Sad and Depressing

At the DC Comics: Young Justice panel at San Diego Comic Con, DC star writer Scott Lobdell came clean about his disappointing writing in the DCnU.

SDCC: Lobdell Shocker - Tim Drake Was Never Robin in the DCnU

Some juicy DCnU news out of the DC: Young Justice panel at San Diego Comic Con today!

SDCC: IDW and Billy Martin to Publish Vitriol the Hunter

A new monster mash-up comic was annoucned at San Diego Comic Today from IDW and Billy Martin.

SDCC: True Blood Panel Plus New Season 5 Trailer

We've got some highlights from the True Blood panel at San Diego Comic Con, as well as a trialer for the latter half of Season 5!

SDCC: Glee Panel - Featuring Lots of News, I Think!

The following is, supposedly, news about the television show Glee from San Diego Comic Con.

SDCC: Locke and Key Panel Highlights

Check out some highlights from the Locke and Key panel at San Diego Comic Con!

SDCC: Once Upon a Time Adds Captain Hook and Jack (of Beanstalk Fame)

A couple of big character announcements out of the Once Upon a Time panel at San Diego Comic Con, plus other highlights!

SDCC: DC Comics Before Watchmen Panel with EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

If your name is Alan Moore, turn back now and save yourself the heartache! Otherwise, read on for highlights from DC's Before Watchmen panel at San Diego Comic Con!

SDCC: ShiftyLook Announces Two Cartoons, Three Comics, and a Website Relaunch!

At the ShiftyLook panel at San Diego Comic Con today, there were some big announcements! Check out the highlights!