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NYCC: Marvel Announces Spider-Gwen Ongoing by Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez

No word yet on a Milo Manara butt cheeks variant cover.

NYCC: Johnston Was Right, Marvel Teases Fantastic Four "End is Fourever," "No More Mutants"

Marvel teased "The End is FOURever" and "No More Mutants" at a retailer presentation at a secret retailer summit at New York Comic Con.

NYCC: Marvel's Next Super-Mega-Crossover Event is Secret Wars by Hickman and Ribic

It will feature various versions of Marvel heroes from a multiverse or the broken timestream or something.

CW Casts Pied Piper for The Flash, Will Be Super Gay

"Smash" star Andy Mientus will play the openly gay villain. Did we mention he's gay? He is.

CW Casts That Dude as Dr. Martin Stein (Firestorm) on The Flash

That dude, you know, the guy from Alias, will play one half of Firestorm on the CW drama.

After Successful Portfolio Review, Todd McFarlane Passes Spawn Reins to Brian Wood

In other shocking news, Spawn is still being published.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Hits All Time Ratings Low, Schadenfreude Only Reason Show Still on the Air

It's a new record for the beleaguered ABC television show, as even CW's The Flash kicked its ass.

All-Female Ghostbusters Reboot Confirmed, Paul Feig to Direct, Katie Dippold to Write

We've run out of jokes for this story, so we'll give it to you straight.

Exclusive: Marvel Reverses Course on Fox Movie Character Ban, Will Create New X-Men Characters

The Outhouse scoops Bleeding Cool again with the latest shocking development in the Fantastic Four cancellation rumor!

Say No to Five Dollar Comics: Five Comics to Buy For Less Than Five Bucks on October 8, 2014

Don't even think about shelling out five dollars for Batman #35 or AXIS #1. The extra buck stops here!