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Jude Terror is the Webmaster Supreme of The Outhouse and a sarcastic ace reporter dedicated to delivering irreverent comics and entertainment news to The Outhouse's dozens of loyal readers. Driven by a quest for vengeance, Jude Terror taught himself to program and joined The Outhouse. He instantly began working toward his goal of forcing the internet comics community to take itself less seriously and failing miserably.  Ironically, our webmaster, whose website skills know no end, has very little understanding of social networks or how they work.  Regardless, you can find him on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, but would probably have the most luck just emailing him.


Marvel Shocker: Teaser Hints at Claremont Nightcrawler Book?

A new teaser for the word "BAMF" has Chris Claremont and Todd Nauck attached to an All-New Marvel NOW! project.

Gotham TV Series to Be Less Gotham Central, More Arkham Hills 90210

The show will be like a Batman themed Smallville, apparently.

Get a First Look at X-Force #1... While You Still Can!

Hurry up and check out this unlettered preview before the series is rebooted and relaunched with a new #1 issue!

Wally West Returns in Flash Annual #3 in April

Hospitals around the country are stocking up on toxic character antidote in preparation for the release.

Marvel Experience Traveling Show Will Take Place in 80,000 Square Foot S.H.I.E.L.D. Themed Dome

The 2 acre complex will be designed like a S.H.I.E.L.D. mobile command center and apparently feature a real floating helicarrier.

New Secret Origins Series to Provide Monthly Revamps of Nu52 Continuity

We're not sure one monthly is enough to keep up with the constantly changing origins of characters in the Nu52.

A Completely Uninformative Golden Globes Report

What happened at the Golden Globes last night? Your guess is as good as ours!

Exclusive: Daily News Confirms Outhouse Super Double Dog Exclusive - Peter Parker Returns in April in Amazing Spider-Man #1

ex·clu·sive /ikˈsklo͞osiv/ 1. noun - a comic book news story or interview written or closely controlled by the editorial department of a major comic book publisher and posted on a big name media...

Discussion: Alan Moore's 'Last' Interview

Moore addresses longstanding accusations about his use of rape and sexual violence in his work and slams Grant Morrison, critics, comics, comics fans, Victorians, and the middle classes before...

DC Shocker: John Layman Off Batman Eternal? (Rumor)

So says the latest gossip from Bleeding Cool...