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Greg DAE is a Brooklyn born film-maker, writer, actor, and horror/comic fiend. He was one of the first writers of The Outhouse and one of the two original Bludnet writers. One day he’ll be an accomplished comic book writer…. Or else.




Oh, The Horror #18: An American Haunting

A few nights ago my god brother put this on and a few of us watched it.

Oh, The Horror #19: The Unborn

Now this movie I was semi-excited for.

My Bloody Valentine 3D Trailer

I've only seen this trailer today (movie comes out next week) but been seeing the posters on numerous occasions on walls, subways, etc.

Oh, The Horror! #20: Blade

One of my all time favorite comic book characters, the bad-ass Blade.

Oh, The Horror! #16: Let The Right One In

I first heard about this Swedish vampire movie on a few message boards a few months ago.

RIP, Test

I haven't been a big wrestling fan for a little while now but I've always said to my friend if Test returned, I'd be watching regularly again.

Crafting Film with John Hunter!

Interviewing film-maker John Hunter as we discuss his films, his influences, some good ol' funny books, and Heather!

Greg's Oh! The Horror! #1 (Outhouse Edition)

Well, I've been asked by quite a few folks here to write for the site.

Reviewing Image's Proof

Reviewing Image's Proof by the team of Alex Grecian and Riley Rossmo.