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Greg DAE is a Brooklyn born film-maker, writer, actor, and horror/comic fiend. He was one of the first writers of The Outhouse and one of the two original Bludnet writers. One day he’ll be an accomplished comic book writer…. Or else.




The Human Centipede Trailer

Awww man, this trailer cracks me up. I may want to see this.

Oh, The Horror! #50: The Others

A movie I've been wanting to see again for years.

Oh, The Horror! #49: Quarantined

Finally having seen this, this was probably the 4 or 5th time I've attempted to watch this movie and finally saw the whole thing.

Predators Trailer

Robert Rodriguez's upcoming Predators!

Oh, The Horror! #48: Angel Heart

A masterfully done film, one of my absolute favorites.

Oh, The Horror! #47: The Last House on the Left (Remake)

One of my god brothers introduced me to this film as he's a fan of both this and the original.

Black History Month Day 18: Monica Rambeau

Paging Monica Rambeau… I mean Captain Marvel… no, I mean Photon… Pulsar? Ah, screw it! Monica Rambeau it is!

Black History Month Day 17: The Falcon

While Luke Cage was Marvel’s first African-American to headline his own solo book, Falcon was Marvel’s first African-America superhero. Over the years, he would be known as Captain...

Black History Month Day 16: Malcolm Dragon

The son of Savage Dragon, Malcolm is a personal favorite of mine.

Black History Month Day 15: Isaiah Bradley

He is known as the Black Captain America to many fans and to the black superhero community in the Marvel-verse.