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Greg DAE is a Brooklyn born film-maker, writer, actor, and horror/comic fiend. He was one of the first writers of The Outhouse and one of the two original Bludnet writers. One day he’ll be an accomplished comic book writer…. Or else.




Oh, The Horror! #45: Jennifer's Body

"The pieces of Jennifer's boooody..." Sorry, I'm a Hole fan and Jennifer's Body is one of my favorite songs from their album Live Thru This.

Black History Month Day 5: Black Lightning

DC Comic’s first black headlining character!

Black History Month Day 3: Agent 355

Beautiful and ohh boy does she know how to use a gun and a collapsible baton!

Day 2: Mr. Terrific

For some reason, calling Michael Holt, aka Mr.

Black History Month Day 2: Mr. Terrific

For some reason, calling Michael Holt, aka Mr. Terrific III, a prodigy seems like an understatement.

Comic Book Black History Month, Day One: Blade

Man, remember when this was also suppose to be a blog where I also focus on comics I like, heh heh?

Black History Month Day 1: Blade

One of the most popular comic book characters in the mainstream due to the portrayal of the titular character by Wesley Snipes in Blade, Blade 2, and Blade Trinity and then reprised in the Blade...

Oh, The Horror! #44: The Final Destination (4)

Ugh, I'll try my best not to cuss through out this review... ah, fuck it.

Oh, The Horror! #43: A Nightmare on Elm Street

Let me be first to say that although I am a Robert Englund fan, I wasn't always a Freddy Kruger fan.