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SuperginraiX is the biggest sap on The Outhousers' payroll (wait, we get paid?). He reads every issue of every crappy Marvel crossover so you don't have to. Whats worse is that he pays for his books, thus condoning Marvel's behavior. If The Outhouse cared for his well being at all, they'd try and get him into some sort of rehab center. But, alas, none of us even know how to say his name. For a good time, ask Super why Captian America jumped off the Helicarrier in Fear Itself. Super lives in the frozen wastland that is Minnesota with 15% of the state's population living under his roof: a wife he makes wear an Optimus Prime mask, two gremlins, and his mother-in-law.


Super Reads AvX: Week 25

We're almost done slogging through the monstrocity that is... AvX! Avengers #30! Secret Wars #'s 8-10!   Spoilers Ahead!  

Just a Little More Blud: The Force Is Strong In This One

The Blud Crew re-enacts their favorite scenes from the Star Wars franchise!

Super Reads AvX: Week 24

Tragedy strikes as Super gets close to finishing the dreadnaught that is AvX! Avengers vs. X-Men #11  The New Avengers #30!  Uncanny X-Men #18! Wolverine and the X-Men #16! Secret...

Just a Little More Blud: The Red Shorts Dilemma

The Blud Crew covers the most important issue in modern comics: Superman's underwear.

Just a Little More Blud: Paradox Punch

Time Travel. Punching. Blud Blood. It's everything you've ever wanted.

Super Reads AvX: Week 23

Swing on down for another round of AvX goodness! AvX: VS #5! Wolverine and the X-Men #15! Secret Wars #'s 1-4!   Spoilers Ahead!  

Super Reads AvX: Week 22

Welcome back to the greatest AvX column on the internet! Uncanny X-Men #17!, The Avengers #211!   Spoilers Ahead!      

Super Reads AvX: Week 21

This event just keeps... on... going... Avengers vs. X-Men #10!, Avengers vs. X-Men #10: Infinite!  The Avengers #29!  The Uncanny X-Men #145!   Spoilers Ahead!...

Super Reads AvX: Week 20

The spiralling conclusion of AvX continues with a meeting of the Illuminati!  The New Avengers #29!  Avengers Annual #10!

Spoilers Ahead!

Super Reads AvX: Week 19

The Phoenix Five numbers thin as AvX spirals towards it's presumably dramatic conclusion!  Avengers vs. X-Men #9!  X-Men #'s 137 & 138! Spoilers Ahead!  ...