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SuperginraiX is the biggest sap on The Outhousers' payroll (wait, we get paid?). He reads every issue of every crappy Marvel crossover so you don't have to. Whats worse is that he pays for his books, thus condoning Marvel's behavior. If The Outhouse cared for his well being at all, they'd try and get him into some sort of rehab center. But, alas, none of us even know how to say his name. For a good time, ask Super why Captian America jumped off the Helicarrier in Fear Itself. Super lives in the frozen wastland that is Minnesota with 15% of the state's population living under his roof: a wife he makes wear an Optimus Prime mask, two gremlins, and his mother-in-law.


Super Reads Dark Reign 52

One more done! Today, we check out Thunderbolts #132, Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #3, Agents of Atlas #5, Punisher #5, Skrull Kill Krew #2, and Blast to the Past with Fantastic Four #9. Enjoy and...

Super Reads War of Kings and Dark Reign 51

Getting there! Today, we check out War of Kings: Ascension #2, Dark Reign: Hawkeye #2, Dark Reign: Young Avengers #1, Secret Warriors #4, Black Panther #4, Savage She-Hulk #2, and Blast to the Past...

Art Group: Brother Voodoo

This week, the Art Group focused their attention on Brother Voodoo.

No voodoo dolls were hurt in the making of this article.

Super Reads War of Kings and Dark Reign 50

Better REALLY late than never! Today, we check out War of Kings #3, New Avengers: The Reunion #3, Agents of Atlas #4, The Invincible Iron Man #13, Deadpool #10, and Blast to the Past with New...

Art Group: Hawkman

This week, the Art Group tackled Hawkman.

He carries a big mace and it was mostly a bad idea.

Still, we got some pretty art out of the deal so not a huge loss!

Art Group: Plain-Clothed Heroes

There are so many heroes that wear regular clothes.

This week, the Art Group makes those heroes into works of art.

Art Group: Stone Age Heroes

What happens when you start combining super heroes and the Stone Age?

Madness, pure madness.

This week, the Art Group tries out that madness and finds it awesome.

Art Group: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

This league is full of extraordinary gentlemen much like the Art Group! Yes, I'm full of cheese... much like the Art Group. Check inside for this week's art bonanza with pictures of The League...

Super Reads War of Kings and Dark Reign 49

Back once again! Today, we check out Nova #24, Dark Avengers #4, Dark Reign: The Cabal #1, War Machine #5, Deadpool #9, Thunderbolts 131, Ms. Marvel #38, and Blast to the Past with The Amazing...