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SuperginraiX is the biggest sap on The Outhousers' payroll (wait, we get paid?). He reads every issue of every crappy Marvel crossover so you don't have to. Whats worse is that he pays for his books, thus condoning Marvel's behavior. If The Outhouse cared for his well being at all, they'd try and get him into some sort of rehab center. But, alas, none of us even know how to say his name. For a good time, ask Super why Captian America jumped off the Helicarrier in Fear Itself. Super lives in the frozen wastland that is Minnesota with 15% of the state's population living under his roof: a wife he makes wear an Optimus Prime mask, two gremlins, and his mother-in-law.


Image Review: Secret #1

The Outhouse takes a look at the Secret from Jonathan Hickman and Ryan Bodenheim.

Buy Two Marvel Avengers Digital Graphic Novels and save on the Nook!

Barnes and Noble gives Marvel and Avengers fan a deal on digital.


There's nothing like a couple reprints of sold out issues to make your day.

BOOM! Town at MoCCA 2012

BOOM! Town makes it's first appearance at MoCCA Festival, bringing artist and musician, Daniel Johnston, with them.

New Independent Publishing Imprint "Small Batch Comics" Launches!

New comic book publishing imprint opens its doors to publish the work of first time creators:

C2E2 2012: DC's New 52 Panel

Here are your highlights from DC's New 52 Panel at C2E2 2012!

Marvel's The Avengers (2012) vs. The Avengers (1998)

What major lessons have we learned from the previous (and British!) Avengers movie?  It's time we shared our discoveries.

New from 2-Headed Monster Comics, The Little Monsters EP

Get set to sample some of your new favorite comics!

EPIX: New Video and Photo Assets "With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story"

Watch this Stan Lee video where he talks about diversity in comics!