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IvCNuB4, which translates into “Grown man riding a unicorn,”is a cool cat.  Not much else is known about him except that he loves scooping Jude Terror and the rest of the staff secretly believes that he is the funny one.




VIBE Gets A New Role In The DC Universe

Vibe takes on his new task guarding the gateway to the DC multiverse

'Ravagers' And 'Sword Of Sorcery' Back-Up To Get A Slightly Darker Tone

Ravagers and 'Stalker' to feature a different focus

DC's SUPERMAN FCBD Release Revealed

The issue also features a preview of the upcoming 'Man of Steel' series

Didio, Lee And Other DC'ers To Appear On "Face Off"

Syfy contestants paired with six of DC’s most respected artists

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The writer discusses what readers can look forward to as this title takes a twist

Andy Diggle Discusses Plans For "Action Comics"

The new Writer takes over in March with a bright and optimistic Superman

New Crusaders: Dark Tomorrow Variants

Archie Comics announces a May launch for New Crusaders: 'Dark Tomorrow' 6-issue limited series

Keith Giffen To Revamp “Legion Of Super Heroes”.

Beginning in February 'no one is safe!' This doesn't bode well for Karate Kid!