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IvCNuB4, which translates into “Grown man riding a unicorn,”is a cool cat.  Not much else is known about him except that he loves scooping Jude Terror and the rest of the staff secretly believes that he is the funny one.




BATWOMAN Picks Up Two Harvey Awards

JH Williams III wins for Best Artist and Best Cover Artist

First Look: Action Comics #13 Variant Covers

DC Comics has revealed a first look at two Variant Covers

Earth 2 #0 Preview

Terry Sloan AKA Mr 8 narrates how Earth 2’s Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman lived as they died … Fighting.

G.I. Combat #0 Preview

We believe there have been Unknown Soldiers in every war ever fought.

New Jim Lee Cover for JL #12 Second Printing

Justice League #12 gets new cover for Second Edition

DC Zero Month Checklist

Secret origins unveiled! New characters introduced! Mysteries revealed!

Judd Winnick To Leave "Batwing"

Winnick says goodbye and explains why he's leaving

Aquaman #12 Preview

The traitor in the team is revealed! Who is BLACK MANTA working for?

PetCo To Carry DC Line Of Pet Items

Do you have a super pet ? Now they can dress like one !

Thor: God Of Thunder Preview Art

Thor: God of Thunder debuts this November