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IvCNuB4, which translates into “Grown man riding a unicorn,”is a cool cat.  Not much else is known about him except that he loves scooping Jude Terror and the rest of the staff secretly believes that he is the funny one.




Justice League #0 Variant Covers

Variant covers for Justice League #0

Savage Hawkman #12 Preview

Find out the connection between the Kherubims, Daemonites, and Thanagar !

Fury Of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #12 Preview

What happens when a Zithertech-Sanctioned Firestorm loses control of their Protocols ?

"Robot Chicken" Season 6 Kicks Off With DC Comics Special

Series kicks off Season Six on September 9th at Midnight (ET/PT) on Adult Swim

DC Unleashes H'el On Earth.

This November DC Unleashes H'el On Earth.

DC Reveals 20 Exclusive Art Deco Prints

DC Collectible Deco Prints

Legion Lost #12 Preview

"Tellus .. you've been keeping secrets. I cannot wait to spring these nasty little surprises on your teammates"