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IvCNuB4, which translates into “Grown man riding a unicorn,”is a cool cat.  Not much else is known about him except that he loves scooping Jude Terror and the rest of the staff secretly believes that he is the funny one.




Legion Lost #12 Preview

"Tellus .. you've been keeping secrets. I cannot wait to spring these nasty little surprises on your teammates"

DC Tops July Sales According To Diamond

DC's Senior Vice President of Sales Bob Wayne and Vice President of Marketing John Cunningham were happy to point out the success its company continues to experience since it reboot last year.

JH Williams III Returns As Artist in Batwoman #12

JH Williams returns to drawing interiors with this month's issue #12; Batwoman teams with Wonder Woman

Animal Man #12 Preview

Guest-Starring Swamp Thing !

Red Lanterns #12 Preview

Atrocitus’s final, blood-spattered battle with Abysmus !

Worlds' Finest #4 Preview

"Is his power from Apokolips?"

Tony Bedard On Blue Beetle, New Guardians And Third Army

History of the Scarab, and the Oan Guardians Master Plan

Action Comcs #12 Variant Covers

Variant covers to Action Comics #12

"Beware The Batman" Toned Down By Warner Bros

Warner Bros makes changes to the upcoming animated series