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IvCNuB4, which translates into “Grown man riding a unicorn,”is a cool cat.  Not much else is known about him except that he loves scooping Jude Terror and the rest of the staff secretly believes that he is the funny one.




Green Lantern: New Guardians #10 preview

"The Fall Of The Blue Lanterns" !

Savage Hawkman #10 preview

"Thirsty For Blood"

Voodoo #10 preview

Voodoo in bondage !

Aquaman #10 preview

VOSTOK-X arrives on Earth !

DC's Metal Men coming to the big screen ?

Are DC's Metal Men coming to a theatre near you ?

Scott Snyder on Batman #0 and a new upcoming storyline

Scott Snyder teases Batman #0 and the next major story-line after Zero Month.