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Zenguru has been an Outhouser since the days it was blue. He's the Rick Jones of The Outhouse. Not always in the mansion, but always around in a pinch. Just don't pinch too hard, okay? He's written a few articles, notably $k!d M@rks, and has published several books of poetry. Lately, he's been writing poems and fiction about diners. He's been reading comics since the mid-70's. He dreams of one day traveling between dimensions to be Jonah Hex's sidekick.

Fake DC Shocker: Everyone Will Be Batman!

A fictional interview with DC Co-Publisher Dan Didio reveals the details on DC's upcoming fictional super-mega-crossover event, Everyone Will Be Batman.

Character Spotlight: ROM: Spaceknight

Read about one of the Outhousers' favorite characters in the weekly Character Spotlight! This week, we look at ROM: Spaceknight!

$k!d M@rk$: Pittsburgh Comicon 2011!!

Ah, Pittsburgh Comicon, another year has come and gone.  As always you had your perks and your quirks...and a power outage.

$k!d M@rk$ : When Will It End?

I've written before about crossovers that pop up in response to others.  But what about the ones that never stop?

$k!d M@rk$: DC Comics in the DCU?

You ever wonder what kinds of comics denizens of the DC Universe read?  Well, here's a few of the more obscure fan favorites.

!Skid Marks! : Shock Value in Comics

What's with all these shocking images in comics nowadays?  Are they good, bad, or something else?  Has shock comic writing dropped the baby?

It's Con Season! Autograph Etiquette

It's Duck Season!  It's Wabbit Season!  No, it's Con Season!  Here's some hints and how-ya-dos for getting autographs from your favorite writers and artists!

Skid Marks: Mid-Ohio Con 2009!!!

Read about my misadventures in Columbus! High points:  Meeting artists like Fred Hembeck, Scott Kolins and Arvell Jones.  AND DEADFETT!!! Low points:  Traffic, parking, walking...

Pittsburgh Comicon 2009: New Digs

Another Pitt Con has come and gone.  I have memories of misadventures and boobs.

Skid Marks: Confessions of an Aging Fanboy

As you get older, your tastes change for many things.  Sadly, comics is one of them.