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Zenguru has been an Outhouser since the days it was blue. He's the Rick Jones of The Outhouse. Not always in the mansion, but always around in a pinch. Just don't pinch too hard, okay? He's written a few articles, notably $k!d M@rks, and has published several books of poetry. Lately, he's been writing poems and fiction about diners. He's been reading comics since the mid-70's. He dreams of one day traveling between dimensions to be Jonah Hex's sidekick.

Skid Marks: The JLA Effect

Justice League of America.  The book that set the standard for all team books to follow.  So why doesn't it work?

Skid Marks: Crossovers: I Love 'em, I Hate 'em. ARRRRGH!!!

We all love crossovers.  We all hate them.  What would comics be without them?

Down With The Runs!

Where back issues are reviewed in tasty chunks!

Skid Marks: Baltimore Comic-Con 2008

Baltimore Comicon 2008: An Experience in Fanboy Odor

Here I sit broken hearted. Another comicon departed. Paid a quarter and only...

No Such Thing As Next Kirby

*bathroom door creaks open* Whoops! Greetings, Skid fans! Looks like ya…caught me opinionating again. Well, as long as my opinion is coming out, it might as well leave a stain. So here goes. The...

Strong Enough for a Man, But Made for Skid Marks

Hello! Welcome to the inaugural edition of Skid Marks! My head’s recently been getting full of opinions on the comic industry. And they need somewhere to go. Since I’m not fond of barfing,...