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J.M. Hunter

J.M. Hunter is best expressed as an artist who enjoys working in many mediums. One of them is writing. In the guise of InDiY Hunter, J.M. Hunter’s focus is as an independent comics creator who interviews other Independent artists/creators and showcases their personal ideologies and stories. The “hits” and “almost-got’ems” of the creative collective that do their craft not because it’ll make them rich but because they love what they do, even when they don’t is a special kind of magic. This is the reward that keeps on giving and J.M. Hunter likes it. HE LIKES IT!


Mayhem Mondays


Mayhem Mondays are here at last!


The Indy 5-Ohh!:Nat Gertler creator of 24-Hour Comics Day!

Nat Gertler creator of the 24-Hour Comics Day event and writer of numerous The Complete Iditot's Guide stops by to talk with Indy Hunter before Saturday's 24-Hour Comic Challenge starts!

Indy Hunter 5 Ohh! Interview with Comicraft!

Richard Starkings and John "JG" Roshell from famed Comicraft stop by to talk with the Indy Hunter, J.M. Hunter, about their road to rich text's on The Indy 5 Ohh!

The Indy 5-Ohh!: Jim Mahfood of Tr!ckster

New Outhouse Feature!  Indy Hunter interviews the hottest indy creators starting with Jim Mahmood of Tri!ckster.


Masterful artist/writer Mike Allred is back with 45 pages of the misadventures of his hero of mythic proportions, Madman!

Review: HELLRAISER #1 - "Pursuit of the Flesh: Part One"

Oh my how Hell has risen and waited sooo long to embrace its originator. Indy Hunter returns for a special review of BOOM!'s Hellraiser #1!

Indy Hunter: Enforcers #0

The mullet is back! Well not really, but the Indy Hunter explains in this weeks review of Enforcers #0!

Indy Hunter: Leaves of Yggdrasil

An all NEW Independent Comic review column by Bam Too's J.M. Hunter! Check out the very first review featuring Leaves of Yggdrasil!