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For years, GLX has been writing on-and-off for The Outhousers covering comics, video games and comics - among other things. He currently resides in The South. Yes, that's capitalized, and, no, that doesn't mean it's a place full of sunshine and butterflies.




Cable vol. 1 : Messiah War Review

GLX takes a look at Cable vol. 1: Messiah War.

Preview: Dingo #1

Knew nothing about this sucker until I got a hold of the review copy. With an open mind, I took a look at Dingo #1.

The Spinrack: Retro Reviews #7

GLX reviews a trio of Fabian Nicieza comics.

The Spinrack: Retro Reviews #6

Another trio of retro reviews from GLX.

Snow Queen (iPhone/iPod Touch) Review

GLX reviews Snow Queen.

Marmalade Boy vol. 1 Review

GLX reviews Marmalade Boy vol. 1.

The Spinrack: Retro Reviews #5

GLX reviews another set of retro comics.

Football U (iPhone/iPod Touch) Review

GLX reviews Football U for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

The Spinrack: Retro Reviews #4

GLX reviews some old comics including Exiles #1.

Kids vs. Zombies (iPhone/iPod Touch) Review

GLX reviews Kids vs. Zombies for the iPhone/iPod Touch.