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For years, GLX has been writing on-and-off for The Outhousers covering comics, video games and comics - among other things. He currently resides in The South. Yes, that's capitalized, and, no, that doesn't mean it's a place full of sunshine and butterflies.




Sand Land Review

GLX reviews Akira Toriyama's Sand Land.

The Spinrack: Retro Reviews #1

GLX reviews a trio of old Peter David comics.

The Spinrack: Retro Review Recap

A brief recap of GLX's retro reviews, before The Spinrack moves into a retro review only format.

The Spinrack - 9/26/09

GLX reviews this week's new releases with the added bonus of a wacky retro review.

The Prince of Tennis vol. 1 Review

GLX reviews The Prince of Tennis vol. 1.

The Spinrack - 9/22/09

GLX reviews some comics including Blackest Night #3 and Batman and Robin #4.

The Spinrack - 9/15/09

GLX reviews some stuff that he bought this past week.

The Spinrack - 9/9/09

It's been a while, but GLX is back to review some comics.

X-Men: Misfits vol. 1 Review

GLX reviews X-Men: Misfits vol. 1.

Orange Review

GLX reviews Orange.