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For years, GLX has been writing on-and-off for The Outhousers covering comics, video games and comics - among other things. He currently resides in The South. Yes, that's capitalized, and, no, that doesn't mean it's a place full of sunshine and butterflies.




New Girl S1: E1 "Pilot" Review

GLX takes a look at the pilot episode of New Girl.

Bakuman vol. 2 Review

GLX reviews Bakuman, Vol. 2.

Our Love is Real Review

GLX takes a look at the bizarre comic known as Our Love is Real.

Steve Uy On Creating A World Without End

GLX talks with Steve Uy about his upcoming game, World Without End.

Idiot's Guide Weekly: All Things Go

This week, GLX takes over IGW. God help us all.

Tekken Bowl (iOS Universal) Review

GLX reviews Tekken Bowl for iOS devices.

Uncanny X-Force #12 Review

GLX gives his take on Uncanny X-Force #12.

Avengelyne #1 Review

GLX reviews Avengelyne #1.

The Spinrack: Retro Reviews #24

GLX takes a look at Cartoon Network Presents #4, Startling Stories: The Megalomaniacal Spider-Man #1 and Young Justice #30.

The Spinrack: Retro Reviews #23

The Batman Adventures #1? Check. Hard Case #1? Check. Uncanny X-Men #316? Check. All ready for this edition of The Spinrack: Retro Reviews.