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50 Reasons...

When the Outhouse makes a list of reasons why something sucks, we don't stick to five or even ten reasons...

Black and White and Read All Over: White Suits

Aesthetically pleasing violence and a superficially complicated plot.

Top 25 Reasons Why the Sandman: Overture Delay Might Not Be DC's Fault

In which The Outhouse waits for more info before deciding whether to reset the counter.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Ben Affleck Will Rock as Batman

Doc Jon changes up his 'fifty reasons why it sucks' format to tell us why Ben Affleck will rock as Batman!

The Top Ten Reasons Why Batman VS. Superman Will Suck

The movie may be two years away, but it's never too early to get started on one of these lists.

The Top 50 Reasons Why The Wolverine Sucks (SPOILERS)

Because you demanded it, Doc Jon is back to tell us the top 50 reasons why The Wolverine movie sucks! (SPOILERS)

Fifty Reasons Why The Dark Knight Sucks

Doc Jon tells us why Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Rises sucks.

Fifty Reasons Batman Sucks


Batman can't be the World's Greatest Detective, Detective Chimp clearly has that role filled already.