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Topics on the television show: Arrow, based on the DC Comic Book character Green Arrow.

Mission Accepted: 'Arrow' Recruits the Suicide Squad

The popular team of villains recruited by Amanda Waller to go on "suicide" missions will be showing up on Arrow March 19th.

Surprise Casting News For CW's "Flash" Pilot

Casting for 'The Flash' pilot is now nearly complete

Arrow Annotations - S02E13: "Heir to the Demon"

A look back at the comic book references and Easter eggs from last night's episode.

Green Arrow #28 Preview

As Oliver discovers the truth behind his past, will he survive 'The Final Lesson' ?

Arrow Annotations - S02E12: "Tremors"

A look at the Easter eggs from last night's episode of Arrow!

Arrow Plans "Birds of Prey" Episode, Complete with Huntress

Jessica de Gouw's character will return to the CW show.

Arrow Annotations - S02E11: "Blind Spot"

A look back at the Easter Eggs and comic references in last night's episode of Arrow.

Stephen Amell Has Met With Warner Bros. About Bringing Arrow to Justice League Movie (UPDATE: NO HE HASN'T)

Updated: Amell was misquoted by the source and though he has talked about his desires for this, he has not spoken with Warner Bros. officially.

Arrow Annotations - S02E10: "Blast Radius"

A look back at the comic references and Easter eggs from last night's episode of Arrow.

Arrow's Stephen Amell Talks Batman and DCU Movie-verse crossing over

Arrow star Stephen Amell debunks plans for Bruce Wayne to appear in future episodes, but shares his desires for the tv and movie worlds of DC to cross over.

Arrow Annotations - S02E09: "Three Ghosts"

A look at the Easter eggs and comic references from last night's midseason finale!

Robert Knepper Cast as 'Arrow's' Clock King

Easy to picture this guy as a villain.

Iris and Ira West to be Black in Flash TV Show?

At least, that's what rumors of a casting call appear to suggest.

Arrow Annotations - S02E08: "The Scientist"

A look at the comic book references and Easter Eggs from last night's episode.

Barry Allen Makes A Big Splash on Arrow

The much talked about debut of Barry Allen, aka The Flash, finally arrived on last night's Arrow and his reception has been largely well-received.

Meet Barry Allen Ahead of Wednesday's Arrow

In these preview clips from Arrow, meet the scientist that becomes the Flash and who Ollie finds a bit young.

Arrow Annotations - S02E07: "State vs. Queen"

A look at the Easter eggs and comic book references from last night's episode.

Arrow Gets a Mask, Will Roy Get a Costume As Well?

Looks like DC is slowly getting more comfortable with putting its heroes in costume on the small screen.

Flash to Get His Own Pilot Instead of Arrow Origin

The fastest man alive already moved from guest appearance to his own show.