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Batman v Superman

Zack Snyder Trolls Fans, Says His Superman is True to Comics, Fans are Stuck in the Past

Snyder has had enough of fans talking trash about his neck-snapping, city-destroying Man of Steel, and he's not going to take it anymore!

Captain America 3 vs. Superman/Batman

Were you wondering what Marvel movie was going to go up against Superman/Batman? Wonder no more.

Gal Gadot Now Officially Too Buff to Play Wonder Woman

The actress has been hitting the weights too hard, changing sexist fan complaints from "not buff enough" to "way too buff."

The Latest Gossip on Lex Luthor & Bruce Wayne for Batman vs. Superman

Now that we know who is playing Lex Luthor, what will be the "Man of Steel" take on the character?

Ben Affleck's Best Friend Says Affleck Looks Good in Batsuit, Movie Will Be Great

Matt Damon commented on his friend Ben Affleck's Batsuit and said he thinks Superman vs. Batman will be a great movie.

Ben Affleck To Start Filming for 'Batman vs Superman' Right Away

The release date may have been delayed, but production is still moving ahead on schedule.

More Rumors on Affleck's Batsuit

The latest gossip on the duds Ben Affleck will be sporting when he takes on Superman.

Stephen Amell Has Met With Warner Bros. About Bringing Arrow to Justice League Movie (UPDATE: NO HE HASN'T)

Updated: Amell was misquoted by the source and though he has talked about his desires for this, he has not spoken with Warner Bros. officially.

Gal Gadot Signed 3 Picture Deal for Wonder Woman

Looks like Warner Bros. has locked the actress down for more than just one movie -- which is pretty normal, but confirmed today.

The Latest 'Batman vs Superman' Rumors, This Time Focused on Plot

Just sharing the latest gossip for Man of Steel 2, don't get too worked up for this one.

New Suit for Batman is Going to be "What Fans Want to See"

Kevin Smith & Jennifer Garner Get Fans Hyped for New Batman Suit

More 'Batman vs. Superman' Gossip: Affleck's Injury, Lex Luthor's casting, Movie Delay, & More

We are doubling down on some Man of Steel 2 rumors, shaking up others and tossing out some new ones.

Batman vs. Superman Release Delayed for Ten Months

Rumor says Affleck gets injured and may delay shooting, update two hours later: Movie release date officially moved back to May 6th, 2016.

Dame Judi Dench in Talks to Play Aquaman in Superman vs. Batman

Plus other baseless rumors that are sure to rake in the hits!

Superman/Batman & Justice League Rumored To Shoot Back-to-Back

Plus an extra helping of rumors on top of that, including that the DC project Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has been cast in will be said Justice League movie.