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Batman v Superman

Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman Pieces Coming Together

Sounds like the workout regiment and costume designs for Wonder Woman are on the right track.

Stop with The Bryan Cranston/Lex Luthor Rumors Already

Beleaguered movie reporter begs community to slow down on rumor-mongering.

Website Confirms Man of Steel "Rumor" Was Idle Speculation, Gives Websites More Opportunity to Write About It

Comic websites were delighted to have another opportunity to write about the outlandish rumor.

Outhouse Makes Wild Man of Steel Sequel Speculations, Hopes That They Go Viral Too

Just because we're making these up, doesn't mean they're not true.

Man of Steel 2 to Screw Up Beloved Comic Backstories Even More?

Batman-on-Film answers questions on Batman vs Superman like they know what's up, including offering up a Kryptonian Wonder Woman.

Rock-Rumors Begin: Green Lantern

It didn't take long for the rumor mill to start churning something out about the DC deal with the Rock. Let the games begin!

Denzel Washington Now Rumored To Join Batman/Superman Movie

I think the rumor wagon circled past crazy long ago on this movie, but since we are along for the ride, here is the latest gossip.

Gal Gadot Pumping Up for Wonder Woman Role

The actress addressed some fan concerns about her Wonder Woman role for the first time.

Argo Writer Chris Terrio Rewriting Batman vs Superman

The screenwriter with a close working relationship with Ben Affleck is currently putting the finishing touches on the Batman/Superman movie.

Joaquin Phoenix Being Eyed as Villain For Batman vs. Superman

There is definitely no shortage of rumors for this movie, with Joaquin Phoenix now added to the list.

Jason Momoa Being Eyed for Role in Superman vs. Batman

His entrance into the Marvel Universe denied, Momoa now checking out the DC movie universe.

Amy Adams Pwns Fanboys, Comic Industry With Wonder Woman Thoughts

Adams discusses the possibility of a love triangle in Superman vs. Batman with Lois Lane and Wonder Woman.

WB Casts Unknown Actress as Wonder Woman to Prevent Repeat of Batfleck Jokes

WB executives wanted to avoid the Internet mocking their casting decision for months on end.

Gal Gadot Cast as Wonder Woman in Man of Steel Sequel

The former Miss Israel and Fast and Furious star will play the iconic DC character.

Ben Affleck Talks Batman

Ben Affleck talks about what brought him to the role and how he will differ from previous batpeople.

Now Doomsday in Batman vs. Superman? C'mon Now!

Random WB producer is at it again on twitter.

Will WB Not Title Batman vs. Superman, Batman vs. Superman?

Recent domain registrations reveal possible titles for the next Man of Steel movie.

Christian Bale Offers Bat-Advice to Ben Affleck

No, it wasn't a four minute tirade full of expletives. This time.

Nightwing Trademarked in a Big Way

The trademark filings recently for Nightwing suggest big use planned for the character, like in a movie.