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C2E2: So What's This Death of Wolverine About Anyway?

The Outhouse wades through the hyperbole to find the answer!

C2E2: Marvel Bans Jim Starlin From Writing Any More Thanos/Adam Warlock Stories

The creator's livelihood is threatened thanks to editorial mandates from Marvel Comics.

C2E2: Joe Quesada Trashes Man of Steel, Calls Zod Hero of Film

Marvel's Chief Creative Officer had some unkind words for Man of Steel on Kevin Smith's podcast, but putting C2E2 in front of the headline will bring in more hits.

C2E2: After Original Sin Changes Marvel Universe Forever, Axis Will Change It Again

An Avengers and X-Men super-mega-crossoever event will immediately follow the Original Sin super-mega-crossover event.

C2E2: Marvel Names Bunch of Artists in 30s as Newest Young Guns

The group will bring a fresh Generation X perspective to the Marvel Universe.

C2E2: Marvel's 100th Anniversary Revealed to Be Set in Future During Actual 100th Anniversary

Guardians of the Galaxy, Fantastic Four, Avengers, X-Men, and Spider-Man one-shots set in 2061 will be released in July.

C2E2: Didio Admits Only Half of Future's End Creative Teams Set, DC Destroyed 125,000 3D Covers Last Year

The DC Co-Publisher said that it's normal for the company to not know the creative teams of its books even three months in advance.

C2E2: Dark Horse to Take It Easy, Reboot Dark Horse Presents With 1/3 Less Pages

They're not saying publishing an Eisner Award winning anthology isn't important - it's just not "80 page" important.

Singer Cancels Wondercon Appearance, Fox Issues Statement

Simon Kinberg will appear at WonderCon this weekend instead as Fox and ABC move to distance themselves from the controversy.

The SPACE Post-Con Report

A large and rambling recap of last weekend's Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo

Dan Slott London Super Comic Con Scandal

Spider-Man scribe latest comic creator to be accused of misconduct, after reportedly mauling Rich Johnston.

SXSW: Marvel Getting Into the Civil War Documentary Business

Ken Burns is gonna be pissed! Oh wait, it's not that kind of Civil War?

Outhouse Volunteers to Be Voice of Reason in Canadian Convention Sexism Scandal

Fan Expo Canada is calling for a fair and reasonable journalist to accurately portray their side of the story. Look no further, canucks - we're right here!

Comic-Con To Sell Only Single-Day Passes

Comic Con International shakes things up for ticket purchases this year.

Image Expo: Joe Keatinge and Introducing Leila del Duca on Shutter

The series combines urban fantasy and globe spanning adventures, compares itself to Indiana Jones.

Image Expo: Kyle Higgins to Show Dangers of Organized Labor in C.O.W.L.

My father told me unions are bad, so they must be, am I right?