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New 'Godzilla' Extended Footage Trailer

A new "extended footage" trailer shows off more Bryan Cranston and King of Monsters.

'Godzilla' International Trailer Reveals New Footage

A new trailer with stuff we've seen from previous trailers, and some footage we haven't seen.

'Godzilla' Toys Reveal His Rival Kaiju

We have our first look at a MUTO, one of the Kaiju that Godzilla will be fighting in his newest movie due out in May!

"Godzilla Roar" Teases Something Tomorrow

Legendary Pictures teases something tomorrow with their release of their version of Godzilla's roar. Plus Empire Magazine's 'Godzilla' cover!!!

SIZE DOES MATTER in New 'Godzilla' Poster

It's not a new trailer, but it whets our appetite for the movie.

Teasers for Second 'Godzilla' Trailer Sighted

Though the trailer has been delayed until next week, two clips and a picture have been making the rounds on the internet.

New 'Godzilla' Trailer to hit February 7

A new trailer for the movie is set to be released on February. Just don't expect any teasers or anything for fear of a Warner Brothers takedown request.

Godzilla Models for the Camera Again; Warner Brothers Slap Removal Notices

Yet another leak, this time of a model of Godzilla and teasing something that might appease fans of the beast.

Warner Bros. Effectively Confirms Godzilla Leak is True by Getting Really Butthurt About It

We can't tell you what the leak was actually about, but we can tell you that it was probably accurate, based on Warners' behavior.

'Godzilla' International Trailer Unearths New Footage & TV Spot Sighted!!

The International trailer to 'Godzilla' shows off some new footage and the first TV Spot for the movie has been sighted too!

'Godzilla' Trailer is Here!


Godzilla: Three More Viral Videos Rise Up

The viral video onslaught continues with three new videos from "M.U.T.O. Research". *UPDATED WITH USA TODAY PHOTO*

New 'Godzilla' Viral Videos Spring Up!

The official trailer is coming, and two viral teasers have popped up showcasing "M.U.T.O. Research".

Oh No, There Goes Tokyo! 'Godzilla' Trailer is Coming!

A trailer to highly anticipated Legendary Pictures' Godzilla is slated to hit soon.

Art Book Reveals Legendary Pictures' 'Godzilla'

An art book listed on Amazon has revealed the King of Monsters design for the Legendary Pictures movie relaunch.

Legendary Pictures Godzilla WILL Have Atomic Breath

Fixing one of the many numerous flaws the 1998 "Godzilla" film had, Legendary Pictures' version will be able to breath radioactive fire.

Another Godzilla Trailer Surfaces

Just when you thought it was safe, yet another trailer for Legendary Pictures Godzilla has leaked.

Fake, Yet Awesome Godzilla Poster Rears Its Head

A new Godzilla poster has been making the rounds online, but it's a fake. An awesome fake though. One that should be seen by everyone.