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Hobo Piss

Psychic Hitler and Friends Grace First Promo Image for Marvel's Axis

Who else is looking forward to Rick Remender's next event?

Critics of Marvel's Upcoming AXIS Event to Drown in Hobo Piss

Rick Remender will be writing the upcoming Avengers vs. X-Men sequel!

Thousands Could Die at Marvel's Uncanny Avengers Press Conference

The seemingly innocent press conference could be an elaborate death trap planned by a vengeful Rick Remender.

Rogue to Drown in Hobo @#$% in Uncanny Avengers #14

The cover indicates that Rick Remender is not through using Rogue as a proxy for readers who dared complain about his metaphors.

Man Puts Curse on Rick Remender After Offensive Remarks in Uncanny Avengers #9

Remender will continue to lose weight until he dies, unless the blood debt is paid.

Marvel and DC Planning Uncanny Avengers/The Movement Crossover

The crossover will feature the Avengers beating up on teenagers.

Rick Remender Urges Naysayers to Drown in Hobo Piss

Remender responds to criticism in a classic Marvel manner.

John Cassaday Finally Draws Uncanny Avengers #3; Fill In Artist Still On Deck

Uncanny Avengers #3 will ship in January, allowing John Cassaday to keep his job for another three months. We've got a first look right here!

Marvel Shocker – Uncanny Avengers, um, #3 Delayed!

At this rate Kick-Ass 3 and Image United will be finished before the first arc.

Uncanny Avengers #2 Delayed

The series will be delayed by two weeks.

Industry Surprised by Fan Reaction to Shocking Cyclops Image in Uncanny Avengers Preview (SPOILERS)

After a preview image from Uncanny Avengers that showed Scott Summers getting a lobotomy surfaced on the net, fans immediately began requesting the procedure for themselves.