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Interview: Eric Ratcliffe Talks Foot Problems, Webcomics, and the New Comic Day Kickstarter

Find out why you should support New Comic Day on Kickstarter, and what it takes to produce a webcomic for five years straight!

Interview: Dale Lazarov Talks Smart, Wholesome Gay Comics Smut, Censorship, That Infamous Milo Manara Spider-Woman Variant, and the iPhone 6

We also talk about beefcake variants, the history of gay erotic comics, the creative process, silent comics, and much, much more! Oh, but not actually the iPhone 6.

Interview: Eric Palicki on Red Angel Dragnet

An interview with Eric Palicki concerning the ongoing Kickstarter campaign for Red Angel Dragnet.

Interview: CW Cooke on his New Kickstarter Comic - Solitary

Sentenced to death row for a crime he didn't commit, Tim Hill learns he's immortal after his "execution."

Salt Lake Comic Con Co-Founder: SLCC Will Fight Cease and Desist from Comic Con International "Until We Prevail"

We spoke to Bryan Brandenburg about the reported cease and desist letter from San Diego Comic Con over the use of the phrase "comic con."

Interview: Val D'Orazio and Bobby Timony on The Horror Lovers

An interview with the creative team of the horror/comedy mashup, The Horror Lovers

Interview: Ashley Scott Davison Talks Comics, Giraffe Conservation, and Crowdfunding the Documentary Film "LAST OF THE LONGNECKS"

Did you know Giraffes are in danger of silently becoming extinct? Of course you didn't! That's why you'd better read this.

Interview: Kim Newman & Maura McHugh Talk Witchfinder

The cowriters of Dark Horse's Witchfinder speak on period, process, and eel museums.

Interview: Patrick Block on Frostlings, Disney Ducks and Kickstarter

An interview with artist Patrick Block about his new creator owned project, Frostlings.

Interview: Von Allan Talks Music, Marxism, and Metal Gods, A Comic You Should Be Reading

Interested in a new book with the heart and soul of the comics you grew up on in the sleek new package of the digital future, plus sex, rock and roll, and devil worship?

Interview: Josh O'Neill on Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream

We spoke with Josh O'Neill about the soon to be published Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream anthology.

Interview: Matt F'n Brady Talks Warlord of Mars #0, Leaving Comics Journalism, and More!

That's right! It's Matt Brady on The Outhouse! Hell has frozen over!

Interview: Graeme McMillan and Jeff Lester on Wait, What? Podcast, the Comic Industry, and Crowdfunding

Wait, What? hosts Graeme McMillan and Jeff Lester discuss their podcast and their recent Patreon campaign.

Interview: Tristan Roulot and Patrick Henaff on The Will of Captain Crown and French Comics for an English Speaking Audience

An interview with the creators of The Will of Captain Crown on the English versions of their comic.

Interview: Travis Horseman on Amiculus: A Secret History, Kickstarters, and Speculative Fiction

An interview with Travis Horseman about his comic, Amiculus: A Secret History.