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Oni Press

Oni Press Previews For September 17

The Life After #3, The Sixth Gun: Days Of The Dead #2

Now That's A Space Cannon: Letter 44 #9

The Chandelier shows off and human beings continue to be terrible people.

An After-Life Less Ordinary: The Life After #2

Jude and Papa Hemingway team up to look for answers and cause some ruckus in Limbo.

The Sixth Gun: Days Of The Dead #1 Preview

The tale of Brother Roberto and Jesup who will one day play pivotal roles in the epic struggle to control the Sixth Gun.

We Are Not Alone: Letter 44 Vol. 1 Review

The newly-elected U.S. President Stephen Blades receives an alarming letter from his predecessor on his first day of office.

Letter 44 #8 Preview

Soule and Alburquerque bring you the latest issue of the Oni Press title

Fluffy and Fuzzy: I Was the Cat

An absurd premise descends into mediocrity, but it was better than zombies fighting vampires.

Illusions, Archer: Archer Coe "The Thousand Natural Shocks"

A hypnotist talks to cats, annoys cops, and has his past come back to haunt him in a big way.

The Best Comic That Absolutely None of You Are Buying: The Auteur #4 Review

Nathan T. Rex struggles to woo the girl of his dreams whilst trying to bury the film of his worst nightmares.

The Sixth Gun #41 Preview

Presenting my first ever THE SIXTH GUN preview thanks to Grayson and GiveWarAChance regularly buying it!

Review: Letter 44 #7

Why did Charlotte and Rowan choose to join the trip to the Chandelier? Who were they before they boarded the space shuttle Clarke?