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View from the Gutters #86 — The Losers

This week on View from the Gutters we discuss The Losers, Book 1, by Andy Diggle and Jock.

View from the Gutters — The Long Run #8: Stephanie Brown

In the eigth episode of View from the Gutter's bonus series, The Long Run, we discuss the history of Stephanie Brown, The Spoiler.

Can't Tell If Joke Or Not: Fox Announces Birdman Movie

The film will star Michael Keaton, Zack Galifianakis, Emma Stone and Naomi Watts, and will not be about the real Birdman.

Zen Bowling and Revival #18

Cooper loses his innocence and Dana gets one step closer to the burnt man.

The X-Files Conspiracy

The real conspiracy is how crap like this gets published.

Why I Love Comics #160 talking Edison Rex with Chris Roberson!

On this episode of the podcast Eric talks with writer, editor and all around talented creator Chris Roberson of MonkeyBrain comics/Edison Rex fame.

View from the Gutters: Blacksad

On this week's episode of View from the Gutters the topic is award winning noir comic, Blacksad.

It's Official: Bradley Cooper is Rocket Raccoon

The Oscar nominated actor will play the furry, gun-toting animal.

View from the Gutters: Marvel 1602

On this week's episode of View from the Gutters the topic is 1602, by Neil Gaiman.

Oh!Log 2

Jim Gramm is back with more commentary on commentary. Wait, what?

Oh!Log 1

The Weekly Chirp vlog is now the Oh!Log hosted by Jim Gramm.

The Outhouse Pirate Podcast Episode 170

This week: Age of SDCC Edition

Weekly Chirp Vlog 3

Reviews for Marvel books from 7-17-13.

Why I Love Comics #141 the return of Dirk Manning!

On this weeks episode, I was joined by Dirk Manning who has returned to promote his new book Love Stories to Die for from Image/Shadowline as well as The Legend of Oz: The Wicked West #12 from Big...

Why I Love Comics #140 with Josh Finney, Kat Rocha and Patrick Mcevoy!

On this episode of the podcast, Eric sits down and talks with the creators behind World War Kaiju to talk about the projects kickstarter as well as many other topics (like a power rangers rant) and...

The Weekly Chirp #1

New OH! writer Jim Gramm chats with his friends about everything pop-culture on this podcast.

Why I Love Comics #133 Ray's the dead with Ragtag Studio's!

On this episode of the podcast I was joined by Chris, Matt and Shawn to talk about their kickstarter for their game "Ray's the Dead" We talk about C2E2, PAX East, developing the game, forming a small...

Why I Love Comics #131 with Jonathan Coulton and Greg Pak!

On this episode of the podcast Eric is joined by Jonathan Coulton and greg Pak to talk about their awesome kickstarter "Code Monkey Save the World" They talk about how the project came to be, working...

Why I Love Comics #130 Keyboard Warriors!

On this episode of the podcast Eric and Jeremy talk about the awesomeness that is Adventure time, the current happenings at DC, Bioshock Infinite, The New Warriors and so much more!