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Comics Reviews for the 18th of September 2013

What were the high-and-lowlights of this week's comics?

Review: B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth #111

A character study on the fiery Liz Sherman and Fenix.

Review: Great Pacific #10

Politics and garbage, they both stink.

Unnerving, Awkward Vampires - Strain: The Fall #3 Review

Vampires have taken over Manhattan, and now they want to make out with you.

Review: Star Wars Shadow of Yavin TPB

Ships go boom, and Vader sparkles like never before in this new review by CajunBean.

Harbinger #16 Review

Welcome to Torquehalla!

X-O Manowar #17 Review

X-O Manowar continues the path to Unity.

Review: Dream Thief (#1-5)

What would you do if you woke up in a strange room and didn't know where you were, or what you’d done the night before to get there?

Review: Peter Panzerfaust #14

Can Kapitan Haken hook Felix and the Lost Boys before they get away?

Review: Buzzkill #1

Drugs and alcohol make some addicts feel like superheros. How does it affect Ruben as he struggles with his addiction to his super powers?

Advance Review: The Darkness #115

The darkness will make sex with your corpse long time.

Advance Review: Cyber Force Issue 6

Daniel Redondo reviews a rapidly rusting issue of Cyber Force. The sterling shine of the opening free arc is starting to fade.

Advance Review: Kiss Me, Satan! #1

Werewolves are comfortably running New Orleans, but things are about to be shaken up.

Review: Captain America #11

The latest issue of Captain America points to a fascinating new direction for the character.

Advance Review: Zero #1

Jeff Kromer looks at the new Image Comics series from Ales Kot and Michael Walsh.

A Look Back at...Daredevil: Yellow

After Matt Murdock's father is murdered in the streets of Hell's Kitchen, he takes to the skies as newly formed acrobatic hero Daredevil.

Retro Reviews: Busiek/Nord Conan

Kyle Benning takes a look back at the classic Conan run!

Retro Review: JLA: Earth Two

Kyle Benning takes a look at the classic Crime Syndicate story JLA: Earth 2.

Comics You Should Be Reading: Twelve Reasons to Die

With issue #3 of Twelve Reasons to Die in stores today, I'm reviving this feature, and I don't care if I'm doing it properly.

Event Wars: Infinity vs. Battle of the Atom vs. Forever Evil

Mini-reviews for all three major events!