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Review Group

Review Group #414 - Free For All

This is late, this is late, on a very important date!

Review Group #413 - Injustice Year Two #1 / Miracle Man #1

Review Group Executive Decision: If you want to review a $6 book, I don't really care.

Review Group #411 - Free For All

"...and all the books this week free for all this week?"

Review Group #405 - Umbral #1

"It's not a great week, but I guess I'll go with Umbral #1 from Image"

A ringing endorsement if I ever heard one

Review Group #403 - Sandman Overture #1

This might make for the two most popular weeks since RU took over.

Review Group #402 - Velvet #1

I'm not saying that guitarsmashley always seems to get the "good weeks" but...

Review Group #398 - Free For All

No one with 5 means a Free For All!

Review Group #397 - Zero #1

Guitarsmashley is back with a brand spanking new #1 from Image: Zero

Review Group #394 - All Star Western Vol 3 #23

Amoebas went through quite a bit of logic to come up with this week's pick: All Star Western #23

Review Group #392 - Saga #13

Everyone celebrate - its Grayson's first ever Review Group pick!

Review Group #391 - Burn The Orphanage Born To Lose #1 / Trillium #1

Yea, so RU messed up last week. But, its all good, we get two books this week!

Review Group #390- Free For All

Yea, so RU messed up, and this article is being retconned into a Free For All!

Review Group #389 - Lobster Johnson: A Scent of Lotus #1

Stephen "The Canadian Ripper" Day returns with Mike Mignola, John Arcudi, and Dave Stewart's Lobster Johnson (no, that's not a double entendre.)

Review Group #387 - Justice League #22

After weeks of correcting RU, PhoenixEquinox finally gets his pick! And he went with Justice League #22.

Review Group: #382 - Blackacre #7

GLX returns with this week's pick.

Review Group: #381 - Wake #1

Victorian Squid returns with The Wake #1 from Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy

Review Group: #380 - The Bounce #1

Not only is it RU's pick this week, but RU is late putting this up. That bodes well

Review Group: #379 - Dream Merchant #1

Outhouse EIC, BlueStreak, has The Review Group's 378th pick Dream Merchant #1

Review Group #378 - 12 Reasons To Die

The second of a limited run to be featured on the front page, The Review Group's 378th pick is 12 Reasons To Die from Black Mask Studios