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Did you bother to look at the tags before assuming this crazy story was straight news?

Racists Angered as Marvel Casts Black Actor as Heimdall... AGAIN!

NBA star Chris Bosh will voice Heimdall on an upcoming episode of Marvel's Hulk: Agents of S.M.A.S.H.!

Image Planning New Cooking Comic, Recipes Look Pretty Gross

While we applaud the effort to branch out into new genres, Image should maybe take a cooking class or two first.

Marvel Studios Shocker: Shia Labeouf Joins The Marvel Movieverse In a Surprise Role

"Star's" Bizarre Antics of Late Have Been In Preparation For His Latest Role.

Pope Francis Shocks World By Endorsing New Ms. Marvel Comic

The new Muslim superhero is making a lot of waves thanks to an endorsement from the leader of the Catholic Church.

Books You Can Bludgeon a Man to Death With: Image Comics Edition

It's the 288 page Fatale:Deluxe Edition versus the 216 Page CBLDF Presents: Liberty collection.

SyFy Invites Brian Wood's DMZ Up to Hotel Room to Discuss Portfolio

Hopefully, if DMZ decides not to go, SyFy won't behave boorishly at a convention the next day.

New Look Superman Not New/Old Enough for Residents of Metropolis

Residents of the city aren't happy with the hero's new look.

Police Suspect Dark Horse Comics in Recent Jewel Heist

The company reportedly made off with a record number of gems.

Ridiculous Marvel Cataclysm Press Release Causes Bloggers to Question Reality

The press release is so ridiculous, it has to be self-aware meta-humor.

The Top Five Comics To Burn This Winter

As the Polar Vortex rages on across much of the country, here are our Top Five recommendations for alternative heating.

Outhouse Declares January 30th Top Five Day

The Outhouse, swayed by Bleeding Cool's persuasive Top Five List, promises to make every article a Top Five article for the day.

Exclusive: Shocking Details on the Upcoming Marvel Universe LIVE! Traveling Circus Show

Learn how one man with a vision and several debilitating forms of mental illness made the concept of a live action superhero show a reality!

Screw You, Bleeding Cool; Here's Another Powerpuff Girls Article

In our quest to top Bleeding Cool's count of articles about the controversial Powerpuff Girls cover, The Outhouse will stop at nothing to achieve victory.

George RR Martin Takes "Which Game of Thrones Character Are You", Unhappy with Result

The writer was infuriated with the character he allegedly resembled.

Exclusive: What Did Cullen Bunn Have for Lunch Today?

The superstar writer dined at Dressel's Pub in St. Louis today (pic inside).

Captain and Tennille Breakup Reportedly Result of X-Men Schism

The Captain supports Cyclops in the Schism, while Tennille apparently believes Wolverine is right.

Fan Outraged about Untimely Death of Character No One Has Ever Heard Of

A comics fan was angered by the introduction and death of a new character in All New Invaders #1.