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Did you bother to look at the tags before assuming this crazy story was straight news?

Outhouse EXCLUSIVE: Original What If? Age Of Ultron Spoilers Revealed!!

Don’t worry; The Black Panther still goes out like a punk.

Dame Judi Dench in Talks to Play Aquaman in Superman vs. Batman

Plus other baseless rumors that are sure to rake in the hits!

Adair Launches Coup at The Beat

Shocking the comics world, The Beat features an article about comic books.

A Completely Uninformative Golden Globes Report

What happened at the Golden Globes last night? Your guess is as good as ours!

Syfy 'Orca' Remake Script Leaked Online

This is TOTALLY unrelated to that other script that leaked onto the net a few days ago.

WWE Announces Streaming Service WWE Network as Press Conference Interrupted Record 273 Times

The press conference went on for over 36 hours as current and former pro wrestling superstars kept interrupting the event to cut promos on each other.

Is DC Comics Responsible for Polar Vortex?

The comic book publisher may be behind the recent coldwave affecting North America.

Outhouse Makes Wild Man of Steel Sequel Speculations, Hopes That They Go Viral Too

Just because we're making these up, doesn't mean they're not true.

Marvel Releases Actual Terrigen Mists to Promote Inhumanity, NYC Panics

The entire block of West 51st Street between Sixth and Seventh Avenues was evacuated in response to the publicity stunt.

Fantastic Four and X-Men Movies to Sneak Away to Vegas and Elope

Defying the wishes of an angry Mark Millar, the two young movie franchises will follow their hearts.

In Light of Ultimate Spider-Man Cancellation, Bleeding Cool to Start a Blues Band

Head honcho Rich Johnston will put his expert horn tooting skills on display for music fans everywhere.

Copyright Law Leaves Sherlock Holmes Orphaned at Christmastime

Won't some kind corporate masters adopt this wayward property?!

Edward Snowden Decries Comic Book Crossovers in Alternative Christmas Message

The American fugitive took time from his busy schedule of avoiding CIA assassination to address the growing problem of too many crossovers in comics.

Snarky News Reporters Visited by Spirits Last Night

An unprecedented number of spirits visited The Outhousers on Christmas Eve, each with a valuable lesson to teach.

Exclusive: Popular Actor in Talks for Key Role in Upcoming Superhero Movie

Studies show that 20% more unique hits are gained from articles with the word 'exclusive' in the headline.

Top Scientist Warns LaBeouf Plagiarism Could Threaten Universe

The beleaguered actor's plagiarism, if left unchecked, could threaten the very fabric of reality.

Negan Will Appear in The Walking Dead Show, Eventually

Kirkman reveals shocking news that future characters from the comic will appear in future seasons of the show.

Marvel Gets Away With Murder

The comic publisher shot a man in Times Square, and no one reacted negatively to it.

Charles Soule Storms Marvel Beaches, Prepares to Invade War Torn Industry

The comic writer is taking the beaches of the comic industry by storm.

Comics Media Mourns Casting of Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Sandman Movie

It's the end of an era as reporters will need to find another actor to speculate about being cast in every single comic book movie ever.