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Action Comics #28 Preview

Superman, Lana lang and Ukur discover 'What Lies Beneath'

Adventures Of Superman #9 Preview

'You am working Bizarro's first nerve'

Worlds' Finest Annual #1 Preview

FIRST CONTACT prelude. Flashback to Earth 2 for 'The Adventures Of Robin And Supergirl'

Action Comics #27 Preview

Is there a connection between the Beast Lord and the shape-shifting Beast BOY in Superman's Fortress ?

Adventures Of Superman #8 Preview

Are you a fan of old-school Superman with his underwear on the outside ? Then THIS is the title for you!

Superman #26 Preview

'Brain Drain'. Featuring a very cool Ken Lashley cover!

Superman Unchained #5 Preview (UPDATED)

A look at the preview and 11 available covers for next week's issue

Supergirl #26 Preview

The hot new creative team of writer Tony Bedard and artist Yildiray Cinar launch Supergirl into the next stage of her life in the DC Universe!

Superman / Wonder Woman #3 Preview

This issue begins with the return of General Zod, and ends with a shocking conclusion that could mean the end of Superman and Wonder Woman together!

Tom Taylor Talks “Earth 2”

Taylor teases what's coming up for the war-torn Earth 2

Action Comics #26 Preview

'I hear her swearing like a farmgirl'

Batman / Superman #5 Preview

Printed in a special horizontal storytelling format

Justice League: War Trailer

The trailer to the animated adaptation of the first DC New 52 story is here!!!

Action Comics Annual #2 Preview

'Krypton Returns' part 1

Adventures Of Superman #6 Preview

A young Superman faces a threat like he’s never seen before when a powerful alien warlord named Mongul shows up on Earth’s doorstep looking for trouble!

The Top Ten Reasons Why Ben Affleck Will Rock as Batman

Doc Jon changes up his 'fifty reasons why it sucks' format to tell us why Ben Affleck will rock as Batman!

Action Comics #23.2: Zod Preview

The origin of the New52 Zod

Superman #23.1: Bizarro Preview

The origin of the New52 Bizarro