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Game of Thrones- The Children

Happy Father's Day from the Lannisters!

'Rat Queens' Being Developed As Animated Series

The Image Comics title may be coming to a TV network in the future

Hub President/CEO Margaret Loesch Steps Down

The executive who oversaw the birth of and ran the HUB Network for the first four years is stepping down from the position at the end of 2014.

E3: Doctor Who Villain Reveals Powers to Air on PSN in December

The long-in-development Powers TV adaptation will air on the Playstation Network by the end of the year, said a bulbous-headed alien at E3 today.

Game of Thrones- The Watchers on the Wall

A wall hasn't gotten this much attention since 1989

Marvel Listens to Fans, Will Show S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Two With Less Breaks, Darker Tone

In other news, residents of Hell are reporting record cold temperatures.

Geoff Johns Teases Lady Shiva for 'Arrow' Season 3?

Yeah, it's a tiny nugget of info, but it's Arrow Season 3 news nonetheless.

Constantine to Debut in October, the Scariest Month

The move is expected to boost the spookiness of the show by 40%.

Reporter Promises Sexual Favors if Hulu Uncancels Community

The reporter will allow the over-the-top TV network to perform degrading sexual acts with his body if they proceed with plans to pick up the cult-favorite show.

LeVar Burton Kickstarting Reading Rainbow

Burton wants to raise ONE MILLION DOLLARS in funding to bring back the beloved kids show... again!

V-Wars: You're not tired of vampires yet?

IDW presents a poorly executed idea that would have felt fresh and original 4 years ago.

Spartacus Creator Replaces Goddard on Daredevil

Outhouse staffer beats Hoffer and Terror to the punch with the news.

Supernatural- Do You Believe in Miracles

Alternative Title: The God Delusion

Game of Thrones- Mockingbird

The trick is the gravy. You want a good gravy, and not enough people devote attention to the gravy.

A Whole Lotta Sailor Moon Coming At You In July

Get out your seifuku boys and girls, Viz will be celebrating "Sailor Moon Day"

Flash Facts: Trailer

A breakdown of the various comic book references in the trailer for the upcoming Flash series.