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Outhouse Hopes to Exploit Wolverine's Death, Inevitable Return with ""

The snarky news site has created an easy to use resource to track Wolverine's status among the dead.

Interview: Brian LaBelle Talks the Petition to Erect a Wolverine Statue in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

It's the Canadian sensation that's blowing up the internet, and we've got the man behind it all right here on The Outhouse!

Canadians Petition Town to Erect Life Sized Wolverine Statue

The statue will honor the surly Canadian mutant, who hails from the Canadian province of Alberta.

X-CLUSIVE: Death of Wolverine Conclusion Delayed Again, Maybe Indefinitely

As a consolation prize, you get a Greg Land variant. Did we say consolation? We meant booby.

What Will REALLY Happen to Wolverine and the X-Men When Wolverine Dies?

How will the popular title continue without its titular character?!

Marvel Reveals Final Three "Temporary Hiatus of Wolverine" Covers by Steve McNiven

Take a look at what you'll be shelling out five bucks a pop for in September.

Marvel Planning to Trick Retailers into Stocking Future Quarter Bins With Death of Wolverine

The company will offer sales incentives for retailers ordering over 250% of their usual numbers.

The Wolverine: Unleashed Extended Cut

He went after the original version without mercy, now Zechs sets his sights on the Unleashed Extended Cut of “the Wolverine”. Is it truly a "cut" above the theatrical version?

Reason Wolverine Replaced Kitty Pryde as X-Men: Days of Future Past Protaganist Revealed

Why replace Kitty with Wolverine as the mutant whose consciousness travels back in time to warn the X-Men of a terrible future?

Wolverine's Heroism Knows No Bounds in New Wolverine Series

The epitome of superheroism to join supervillain team, use gun in new series.

Wolverine 3 In The Works

Considering the first crappy one earned a sequel, you didn't think the second one, which was actually decent wouldn't get a follow-up as well did you?

Vivid Releases Wolverine... Documentary?!

Wolverine XXX ditches the porn parody concept and is basically just a regular portrayal of Wolverine, just like in today's Marvel Comics.

The Wolverine Box Office Threatens to Expose Comics Industry Secrets

The movie took in $55 million dollars this weekend, causing some to ask whether people are getting sick of Wolverine.

Review: The Wolverine

Zechs takes a stab out of the latest X-Men solo movie featuring its breadwinner: The Wolverine.

New Wolverine Trailer Continues to Disappoint

Fans and bloggers are getting really sick of these trailers making the The Wolverine look so good.

'The Wolverine' Trailer #2

The newest trailer for The Wolverine was released today, check it out here.

The Wolverine: Silver Samurai One-Sheet

Interesting poster for The Wolverine movie.

New 'The Wolverine' Motion Poster

They are really milking it every day until the Wednesday reveal of their trailer.