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Toy Shed

Toy Fair 2014 Coverage

All the toy and action figure goodies are being displayed at New York this weekend.

Mattel Cancels DC Club Infinite Earths Line

The DC line of superhero action figures under Mattel has been canceled due to low subscriptions.

Mattel Shocker: Masters of the Universe Line Not Canceled, & Further Woes for DC Action Figure Line

It appears the Masters of the Universe line from Mattel is far from dead.

Four Horseman Try to Ironically Avert Action Figure Apocalypse

The toy designing company that assists Mattel in making DC Universe Classics and Masters of the Universe toys are trying to head off an apocalypse of epic toy-portions!

Pacific Rim: NECA Second Re-Issue Incoming

A small secondary shipment will be hitting stores soon of NECA's Wave One of Pacific Rim action figures. Plus Wave 3 news!

SDCC: First Look at Kurse from Thor: The Dark World

Hasbro promised us something for Sunday at their booth. Now we have our first look at one of the big villains for Thor: The Dark World, KURSE!

SDCC: Hasbro Marvel Panel

What does Hasbro have in store action figure wise for Marvel? Find out here!

Transformers at SDCC

Hasbro reveals at SDCC what we'll be seeing in the Transformers toy-line in the near future.

SDCC: Legacy Dragonzord and Dragon Dagger Spotted!

A long awaited holy grail for some toy folk has been spotted on the convention floor.

SDCC: Marvel Universe and Legends Lines Ending

The two Marvel toy lines that Hasbro produces will end this year, to be replaced by the movie lines.


Toy company, NECA shows off the future nerd delights at the SDCC!

Journey Back into the Black Hole Via This New Poster

An awesomely trippy new poster by Mark Daniels from the VERY under-rated late 70s dark Disney Sci-Fi epic.

Toy Shed: Kurly Shenanigans' Dr. Doom Mask

For those who wish to get their inner monarch on, Zechs reviews THE MASK OF DOOM.

Hasbro Debuts SDCC 2013 Exclusives

Want to know what goodies Hasbro has lined up for SDCC this year? WAIT NO LONGER.

Toy Shed: Fans Toys FT-03 Quake Wave

Zechs continues his logic ridden crusade in reviewing this NOT Shockwave action figure that looks like a Hasbro/Takara Masterpiece.

Toy Shed: Transformers Prime- Beast Hunters Voyager Class Shockwave

A highly logical choice of figure for Zechs' to review.

Toy Shed: Blood- The Dark Warrior Add-On

Zechs takes a look at Head Robots add-on improvements on the Revenge of the Fallen Voyager Bludgeon.

New York Toy Fair: 2013

The annual event will be held this weekend in New York.