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Unity #5, Bloodshot And H.A.R.D. Corps #20 Previews

Previews of two Valiant titles on sale March 12

Review: Quantum & Woody: Goat 0

The startling origin story of the world's next great superhero! Ok, well maybe not 'great', maybe 'meh' is more accurate...

X-O Manowar #22 Preview

UNITY EPILOGUE! When X-O Manowar thought he had finally found peace, he instead found only more war, death, and destruction…

Quantum And Woody #8 Preview

Quantum and Woody vs. Magnum Security…for all the marbles!

Unity #4 Preview

Here comes heavyweight showdown you’ve been waiting for!

Valiant Announces Plans for Six New Series, World Domination

The Valiant First initiative promises to launch a new ongoing series every month, but is there something more sinister going on?!

Valiant Now Collecting Data on Readers

The company wants to know what fans are reading "first" in a new teaser.

Diamond Lists Top Sales For January 2014

Product and sales stats courtesy of Diamond Comics Distributors

Eternal Warrior #6 Preview

The first glimpse into the Valiant Universe in the year 4001 continues here!

Valiant Full Monthly Solicitations for April 2014

What's shipping from the Flying V in April?

Valiant Teases Harbinger Death in USA Today Without Spoiling It

In a completely baffling move, Valiant snagged some mainstream press and didn't use the opportunity to spoil their storyline for readers.

Eternal Warrior #5 Preview

From the pages of UNITY, a groundbreaking new vision of Valiant’s famous future 4001 A.D. timeline

X-O Manowar #21 Preview

In the aftermath of Unity #3, the X-O Manowar armor has found a new bearer… now find out what terrible punishment awaits its former host, Aric of Dacia…prisoner of war!

Unity #3 Preview

Enter: Livewire!

Shadowman #14 Preview

Valiant Entertainment presents the next chapter of 'Fear, Blood, and Shadow'

Quantum And Woody #7 Preview

'Don't Fire Until You See The Whites' or 'I Don't Want To Die A Marxist-Atheist-Sodomite'

Archer & Armstrong #16 Preview

The newly reunited Archer and Armstrong (for now) must stand tall in this conspiracy free-for-all and find a way to not only survive, but save the world in the process (again)!

Quantum And Woody #6 Preview

The world’s worst superhero team are bravely laying their lives on the line…to unwittingly uphold the ideals of a multi-billion-dollar private security corporation!

Unity #1 is a Disappointing Misstep from Valiant

Jeff Kromer wanted to like Unity #1, and he might have if it had been X-O Manowar #19.

Review: X-O Manowar #18

The drums of war begin to beat as Unity approaches!