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Vertigo Comics

DC Comics Previews For May 28 (UPDATED)

Justice League Dark #31, The Sandman: Overture Special Edition #2, Aquaman #31, The Flash #31, The New52: Futures End #4

Vertigo Previews For May 14

Astro City #12, FBP: Federal Bureau Of Physics #10, The Royals: Masters Of War #4, Fables #140

DC Comics Previews For May 7 (UPDATED)

Green Arrow #31, The New 52: Futures End #1, Batman Eternal #5, Detective Comics #31, Batman/Superman #10, The Wake #8, Aquaman And The Others #2, Green Lantern #31, Earth 2 #23, Justice League 3000...

WGN is Making a Scalped TV Show

Scalped is the latest Vertigo comic to get the TV treatment.

More DC Comics Previews - April 9

Green Lantern Corps #30, Justice League 3000 #5, The Royals: Masters Of War #3, Superman/Wonder Woman #7

DC Comics Previews For April 9

Batgirl #30, Constantine #13, Worlds' Finest #22, Coffin Hill #7, Astro City #11

DC Puts Bomb Under Gaiman's Desk, Must Not Stop Writing Or BOOM!

Neil Gaiman only has 7 more hours to write everything that he needs to write, according to new report.

Vertigo Shocker: What's Sean Murphy Doing at Marvel Headquarters?!?!

The popular Vertigo Comics creator posted a picture of a guest badge to his Twitter account, sparking rampant speculation and rumors in this article.

The Royals: Masters Of War #2, Astro City #10 Previews (UPDATED)

Previews of two Vertigo titles on sale March 12

Hinterkind #6 Preview

Prosper is buried alive - trapped under a mountain of rubble - and faced with the toughest decision of her life.

Some Guy Tapped To Write Sandman Script For Joseph Gordon-Levitt

After extensive research, The Outhouse can state that he is definitely British. Maybe. He has a BAFTA at least.

Fables #138 Preview

Geppetto is up to his naughty tricks in a story illustrated by guest Artist Russ Braun.

The Royals: Masters Of War #1 Preview

Catch the first look of a new 6-issue Vertigo mini-series by Rob Williams and Simon Coleby!

Astro City #9 Preview

Find out who has been masterminding the attacks on Winged Victory in 'The View From The Heart'

Diamond Lists Top Sales For January 2014

Product and sales stats courtesy of Diamond Comics Distributors

DC Shocker: DC Failed for Ten Years to Get Preacher TV Show Made, Took Garth Ennis Weeks

A report from comics' only real journalist Tom Spurgeon reveals more stupidity from DC Comics.

AMC Launching New Televangelism Show Called Preacher With Seth Rogan

Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg will pen the screenplay, though we're not sure why a televangelist show needs one of those.

SyFy Invites Brian Wood's DMZ Up to Hotel Room to Discuss Portfolio

Hopefully, if DMZ decides not to go, SyFy won't behave boorishly at a convention the next day.