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Marvel Comics Previews For May 28

Avengers #30, Disney Kingdoms: Seekers Of the Weird #5, Fantastic Four #5, Guardians Of The Galaxy #15, Inhuman #2, Ms Marvel #4, Uncanny Avengers #20

Kinberg Confirms Moviegoers Will Get Double the Quicksilver Through 2016

Simon Kinberg confirmed that Evan Peters' character will be back for the next X-Men movie.

Marvel Comics Previews For May 21

All New Doop #2, Amazing Spider-Man #2, Amazing X-Men #7, Original Sin #2

Tatum Confirmed As Gambit! Solo Movie In The Cards?

No word yet how much of a costume he will wear.

Marc Guggenheim to Take Over X-Men from Brian Wood

This means we can probably start reading that book again!

Marvel Comics Previews For May 14

All-New X-Men #27, Avengers #29, All-New Ultimates #2, Avengers Undercover #4, Captain America #20, Captain Marvel #3, Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu #1, Fantastic Four #4, X-Force #5, New Avengers #18,...

Marvel Comics Previews For May 7

Black Widow #6, Cyclops #1, Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #2, Loki: Agent Of Asgard #4, Magneto #3, Original Sin #1, She-Hulk #4, Moon Knight #3

Marvel Comics Previews For April 30

All-New X-Men #26, Avengers #28, Avengers World #5, Hulk #2, Silver Surfer #2, X-Force #4, The Amazing Spider-Man #1

Egan Names Three More in Singer Sex Abuse Lawsuit, Including Masters of the Universe Director Gary Goddard

Michael Egan's lawyer named Garth Ancier, David Neuman and Gary Goddard as part of a "Hollywood sex ring."

Singer Cancels Wondercon Appearance, Fox Issues Statement

Simon Kinberg will appear at WonderCon this weekend instead as Fox and ABC move to distance themselves from the controversy.

Michael Egan Details Bryan Singer Sexual Assault Allegations at Press Conference (Video)

More details from Egan's allegations are revealed, and the question of "why wait until now" is addressed.

Breaking: Bryan Singer Accused of Sexually Assaulting Teenager in Lawsuit (Update: Singer Responds)

The lawsuit alleges that the X-Men director assaulted a seventeen year old boy in 1999.

Shirtless Channing Tatum Wants to Be Shirtless Gambit in X-Men Franchise

Thanks to this rumor, The Outhouse will reap countless unique hits from searches for images of both Tatum's and Gambit's nude chests.

Marvel Comics Previews For April 16

Amazing X-Men #6, Hulk #1, Superior Spider-Man #31, Thor: God Of Thunder #21, X-Men #13, Uncanny X-Men #20, Wolverine And The X-Men #3

Fox Addresses Concerns Their Quicksilver is Goofy Looking With Goofy Bacon Sandwich Commercial

"That'll show 'em," said executive producer Mayor McCheese, a man with a giant hamburger for a head.

Marvel Comics Previews For April 9

All-New Doop #1, All-New X-Men #25, Avengers Undercover #2, Daredevil 1.5, Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #1

Porn Company Throws Down Sticky Gauntlet Over Quicksilver Authenticity

In a recent press release, Vivid claims to have the most authentic quicksilver on the screen.

Avengers #27, Amazing X-Men #5 Previews

Previews of two Marvel titles on sale March 26