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Zenescope is Ready... have sex with you, apparently.

Mythology Disappointed to Learn New Film Project "The Library" is the One Non-Sexy Zenescope Comic

The company was hoping to get into the pornography business by adapting a Zenescope property for film.

Man Prepared to Spend Sexy Valentines Day With Zenescope Comic Book

The man has planned an extravagant date for his lover, a copy of Clash of Queens #1 from Zenescope Entertainment.

Diamond Lists Top Sales For January 2014

Product and sales stats courtesy of Diamond Comics Distributors

Zenescope Respects Women With Grimm Fairy Tales XXX-Mas Edition

Stuff your stocking this holiday season for only twenty bucks. That's ten dollars per minute you'll use it!

Zenescope Shocker: Company Releases Boobless NYCC Teaser

A teaser for the upcoming event Age of Darkness features no artwork of hyper-sexualized female characters.

Zenescope Has Best-Selling #1 in Publisher History with 'Oz' #1

Zenescope sells out of their print run for Oz #1 with most successful series launch so far.

SDCC: Interview with Stephen Haberman of Zenescope

We stole a few minutes of time from Zenescope in the middle of the con floor to find out how their SDCC experience was going and what they have planned in the coming year.

Zenescope to Release Comic Based on HBO's Oz

J. Scott Campbell will have to really step up his game if he wants his covers to be more pornographic than the show was.

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