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WB & Machinima Present Justice League: Gods And Monsters Chronicles

An animated miniseries, not the movie. Or the comic.

Dan Aykroyd Totally Insane Now, Thinks Ghostbusters is Next Marvel Cinematic Universe

Maybe he needs to take a step back from this whole thing...

Superman Dun Gone Crazy! - Leaving Megalopolis Review

What happens when the Flash is hunting you, the Human Torch wants to BBQ you, and Cupid turns out to be a homicidal psychopath?

Humble Bundle - The Valiant Edition

Humble Bundle... trying to bankrupt us pennies at a time... while raising money for charity.

New Release Highlights for 16 Sep 2014!

Five new releases for this week!

comiXology Reveals More Co-Conspirators in Plot to Destroy Industry with DRM-Free Digital Comics

IDW, Valiant, Oni, and Fantagraphics are amongst the anarchist publishers brazenly allowing people to own digital files they paid for without restriction.

KICK-ASS 3 - Mark Millar

Most writers spend entire decades mimicking the style of their predecessors, unable to come up with new ideas. Only a few seem to have what it takes to reenergize the medium, to resurrect our...

Review: The Names #1

The Names has a familiar storyline and some compelling art, but can't seem to avoid mediocrity.

Presenting Dark Horse Presents #2!

A pinch of western, a dash of mystery and a dollop of sci-fi!