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Spectacular Spider-Man 2.13: Final Curtain

Written by Zechs on Monday, July 20 2009 and posted in Reviews

So it has all come down to this in the second season finale, Spider-Man versus the Green Goblin. Only one of them is walking away from this fight. And if it's gonna be an easy fight for Spidey guess again, the Goblin has tons of surprises for him and the viewer.




* For those who wish to see the second season of Spectacular Spider-Man. It is currently airing on Toon Disney aka Disney XD every Monday night. For those in Canada and everywhere else, you've already seen all of Season Two on Teletoon and elsewhere thus you can rub it in US viewers' faces.





Wow, that went by fast didn't it? It feels just like yesterday I was reviewing the season’s first episode, "Blueprints". Now I'm here with the final episode for this season. And boy does it end in a flasher fashion than last season's Black Costume/Venom arc. One could say that since the original Goblin arc in Season One this has been building up to this moment, where Spidey and the Goblin would be at odds once more though now on a much grander scale given Gobby controls all of New York's underworld now. And with said power all those Pumpkin Heads or Gob Squad (aka lackeys of his wearing pumpkin masks) from his first appearance return to plague Spidey in this episode. But the Goblin is not lazy as the unseen manipulator like the previous two episodes so far in this arc. He's fully unleashed almost squashing Spidey at numerous points in the episode. It's an episode like this that just goes to show you WHY the Green Goblin is on the top tier of Spider-Man's Rogues Gallery.


Though if you think you the viewer have all things figured out, think again. The writer(s) of this episode will throw you hoops making you once more question who the Green Goblin is and like before will pull out all the stops making you question and keep guessing. And just when you begin to actually think that maybe possibly the most insanest possibility of who the Goblin is BAM you’re finally hit with the revelation. Once it finally hits it's a whopper and all the reasons how they did are explained.

Insanity probably best decribes this episode because it truly is out of this world, but then the Green Goblin was always the mad one. Hence the episode brings another great element by completely making the Goblin truly Peter's opposite number. He even gets his own catchphrase, "Don't apologize, I never do." which nicely compliments Spidey's "With Great Power, Come's Great Responsibility." Think about it, the Goblin cares for nothing and any error will not see any fault on his part. It's weird that in some ways the Green Goblin truly does represent the dark opposite of what Spidey could have done if he never had someone like Uncle Ben in his life to be his moral compass. Think about it, on how the Goblin gets his powers, is also a genius in creating various gimmicks just like Spidey, and then instead of using it with any responsiblity. Instead, he choses looking only out for himself and nobody else.

So was the final end fight between Green Goblin and Spidey truly as epic as I make it sound as it is? Well once the ball gets rolling after getting nixxed on the last Green Goblin suspect, the stage is truly set for probably the biggest and grandest fight this show has seen. Upon the rooftops of New York it's the Green Gobin and his goons versus Spidey. Some of the weaponry used will no doubt scratch you're head (seriously tie fighter-like craft) and cannons put on various rooftops armed with pumpkin bombs. Yes, it does sound utterly ludicrous.  Sure it would have helped to see the flying machine hinted at earlier. Also the animation quality isn't sharp as well. Though I digress, this allows to showcase some amazing abilities of Spidey showing off to take them down to finally go back to one on one with the Green Goblin. Once it does the two foes, even more brutal hits are had and it all ends on an explosive note. angryspidey.jpg

As for the other plots left to be wrapped up that weren't in the previous episode namely the love rectangle of Peter Parker/Liz Allen/Gwen Stacy/Harry Osborn. Well that too come's to a close possibly as well. The antics of the males in this episode will have no doubt some screaming for their heads given either how stupid they handle things or jaw drop at the way they keep the relationship they're in to endure. As for the ladies, you will feel really sorry for one, while the other? Well honestly much like one of the males you'll be screaming your head off of their stupidity. But then that's another great thing the writers have done with this series. If you watched this entire show up to this point you're really invested into these characters now, just like in the comics.

In the end, the episode delivers yet another action packed jolt as some episodes this season have given us, but unlike those adds huge amount of drama to it. Sure some of the antics in this episode will make you pause and go, "AW COME ON!" Yet, I have to admit it's a good end as it also sets up the possibilities for a Season 3. For example, is Doc Ock back at the asylum given he wasn't transfered to the Vault though Rhino, Molten Man, Shocker, and Mysterio where? All those cache's of Goblin weaponry around the city is now aching to be taken by someone, not to mention the Connor's going to Florida, and of course the final little tease this episode gives. All and all, this truly brought a fitting end to a very turbulent and epic Season Two. Here's hoping that if there is a Season Three that it's as truly spectacular as this one. Not to mention that at long last Marvel fans have the equivilant to what DC fans have had ten years ago. This truly is becoming THE representation of Spider-Man as Batman: The Animated Series was for the Dark Knight.

5 out of 5


Spectacular Trivia

- Donald Menken first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man vol. 1 #239 right at the beginning of the Hobgoblin Saga. Ten years later he had a big role in the mini's: "Hobgoblin Lives" and "Revenge of the Green Goblin". In the two it was revealed he was a loyal lackey to Norman (having been hired by him and was still around when Harry then Liz where CEO of Oscorp) and betrayed the original Hobgoblin to Osborn behind the scenes during "Goblins at the Gate" (Spectacular Spider-Man vol. 1 #259-261). This is assumed since he's with Norman in "Revenge of the Green Goblin" mini.

- The Private Detective Norman uses to find Menken should be very familiar to comic fans. It's none other than Mac Gargan who has been confirmed will become the Scorpion if there's a Season Three of Spectacular Spider-Man. Lately in the comics though, Mac has a new gimmick, he's the new Venom. Gargan first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man vol. 1 #19 before becoming the Scorpion in the very next issue, #20. He became the newest Venom in Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #8.

- This is a new take on how the Green Goblin gets his powers. In the comics, Norman Osborn was trying to perfect a formula, his former business partner, Mendel Stromm created. A lab accident soon followed resulting in Norman becoming the Goblin having the same abilities but attaining madness. The origin presented here in the show closely resembles how Roderick Kingsley attained his powers by modifying the Goblin to be used just as it is shown in this episode. Kingsley attained super powers in Spectacular Spider-Man vol. 1 #85.

- The Chameleon and the Green Goblin partnership first happened in the comics when Harry Osborn came to Chameleon with a plan. The plan involved creating robots that looked like the parents of Spider-Man and to be used against him. When Harry died Chameleon kept up with the plan and then revealed to Spidey of the Goblin's connection to it. This was revealed in Amazing Spider-Man vol. 1 #394.

- Obviously with all the Goblin equipment now riddled throughout New York this sets up the Hobgoblin Saga if there is a Season Three. In the comics, a thug who escaped Spider-Man discovered a hidden cache. Informing his boss, Kingsley to appease him over the previously busted robbery that the Wall Crawler intervened upon. After taking the equipment for himself, Kingsley then killed the lackey. Not soon after Kingsley became the Hobgoblin and began robbing every Goblin hideout the original Green Goblin had. All of this took place in Amazing Spider-Man vol. 1 #238-239.

- A possible explanation as to how Norman Osborn is still alive lies perhaps in the fact of how he survived after being impaled by his Goblin Glider in the comics. The Stromm Formula also had a bonus side effect, a healing factor. This was revealed when Norman returned laying low for some time (over twenty years real life) in Peter Parker, Spider-Man vol. 1 #75.


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