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2016 Toho 'Godzilla' Title Confirmed, Website, & Cast Revealed

Written by sdsichero on Thursday, September 24 2015 and posted in Webcomics

2016 Toho 'Godzilla' Title Confirmed, Website, & Cast Revealed

News is bubbling to the surface…

Source: New Japanese Godzilla Film Unveils Cast, Title

As Legendary prepares Godzilla for his western future, back in his homeland Toho is also starting on their revival of the famous kaiju. The title rumored for the 2016 Japanese film has been confirmed as Shin Godzilla. As noted previously, "shin" can mean several things (new, true, God, etc.) and since it is written in katakana which is used for foreign load words, the actual meaning is left open.

With the title confirmed, Toho opened a website for Shin Godzilla ( which currently does not have any real information on it, but does reveal the title treatment for the film:


Looks pretty old school.

At the same time the title rumor was in the air, we know that production had started on Shin Godzilla since a sign on a bus stop citing the movie being shot near that location was the origin of the title rumor. While that location shoot probably involved mostly extras, there is now some news on the casting front.


Three actors have been announced for the movie. Yutaka Takenouchi (pictured left) will play a character with ties to the linked to the government. Hiroki Hasegawa (live-action Attack On Titan, middle) also will play someone linked to the government. Satomi Ishihara (live-action Attack On Titan, right) will play an American (!) agent. It's not that big of a surprise that there are castmembers associated with the live-action Attack On Titan movie in Godzilla, as the co-director for Shin Godzilla Shinji Higuchi also worked on Attack on Titan (which will show in the USA).

Shin Godzilla is aiming for a Summer 2016 release (also for Tokyo). No western release has been announced.

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