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These Characters Got Some Stones In This 'Infinity' Tease

Written by sdsichero on Saturday, November 18 2017 and posted in Webcomics

These Characters Got Some Stones In This 'Infinity' Tease

He's got the powah! da da da-da da da!

Source: Here's Where Wolverine Is Showing Up Next in Marvel Legacy

Has it been 18 months yet? Marvel put out a teaser for an upcoming… storyline… that looks like it might involve characters from different titles. The image shows Star-Lord, Wolverine, and Captain Marvel with what appear to be Infinity Stones/Gems levitating above their palms.

It looks like the Power stone has suffered some shrinkage since we last saw it in Guardians of the Galaxy #147, poor Star-Lord. Wolverine is back and has the Space stone which he was shown with in Marvel Legacy #1. Captain Marvel is in possession of the Reality stone. The headline text reads "They Hold Infinity!", but you know they aren't really holding them…

Infinity_Countdown_Promo.jpgInfinity Countdown promotional image by Ron Lim


Apparently the story will involve some kind of Countdown and will start in February. What's it counting down to? We don't know. Perhaps Avengers: Infinity War which strikes May 4, 2018?

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