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Tales of Mr. Rhee: Chapter 3 - Part 4

Written by bkthomson on Thursday, July 28 2011 and posted in Webcomics
Tales of Mr. Rhee: Chapter 3 - Part 4

My Own Prison.

Chapter 3 - My Own Prison.

Tales of Mr. Rhee: Chapter 3 - Part 4

Tales of Mr. Rhee.

Written by Dirk Manning
Illustrated by Josh Ross
Colored by Austin McKinley
Lettered by Jim Reddington
Series Publisher: Image Comics/Shadowline (www.ShadowlineOnline.com)

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About the Author - bkthomson

Brad Thompson is, well, no one really knows.  Remember, in the old Marvel G.I. Joe comics, that pilot everyone knew but could never remember what he looked like or his name?  That’s who…wait, who am I talking about?  Oh, right, that is who Brad Thompson is.  We think, or he’s DB Cooper, maybe JD Salinger, or even Jimmy Hoffa.  All we know for sure is…

Wait, what?


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