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The Sunday Slammer!

Written by J.M. Hunter on Monday, October 24 2011 and posted in Webcomics
{hide_in_full_view}The Sunday Slammer!

Annnnd we are back! Back with 31 Days/Weeks (who's counting), of Halloween!!!


31 Days of Halloween

First up is an unusual treat from the always talented Mr. Ed Quinby! Check out after the artwork to read Mr. Quinby's thoughts on this piece!


Ed Quinby had this to say:
"They Tried to Save Hitler's Brain: The shlock movie they never made! Actually,there was a movie titled They Saved Hitler's Brain, but those guys didn't have to contend with a rampaging gorilla bearing down on them!  Too bad, Nazis, first you lose Europe and now the Congo, BTW you suck. This could have been even cheesier as I thought seriously about putting the Hitler 'stache on the glass to help identify the brain, if I had who would be the bigger jughead?"

Next up is Greg Jolly with more characters from his HammStar* Universe as well as a few answers of his process in creating a creation!


Greg Jolly: You had asked if I had more process photos, here is a creature I'm working on that has some dinosaur elements, and an example of the difference in just a couple of different interpretations as I went on, including the most recent, a concept sketch for a female face. I've been trying to do that with all the character races, show female, old, fat, skinny versions. I'm not sure if it's a little bit of overkill or not."

J.M.: you put alot into planning, as opposed to me? I'm just going for it and drawing or writing myself out of a corner... which is about to happen soon yet again.

GJ: To plan or not to plan, I suppose it depends on the story.  But, yeah, I'm a planner.  Model sheets are great practice.  I do two kinds: full body and faces for main characters.  For supporting cast, if I want a model sheet, I do a single sheet mixed with a little of both. The face ones are really good practice.  I'll attach one. You just take one character and pose them in as many different expressions as possible


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