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Indy Hunter Presents: The Zinesmiths #1 - Oct/Nov 2013

Written by J.M. Hunter on Monday, November 11 2013 and posted in ZineSmiths

Indy Hunter Presents: The Zinesmiths #1 - Oct/Nov 2013

The debut issue of our new web zine: Indy Hunter Presents: The ZineSmiths!


From the Editor:


This first issue and editorial of Indy Hunter Presents: The ZineSmiths is dedicated to the late Joey Manley. A man of many Modern Tales who consistently pioneered multiple paths to bringing comics online as a respected digital platform for storytelling and more importantly bringing all of us “Newb” and “Veteran” creators alike together. My first mini-comic was re-launched as my first web comic on Joey’s WebComiscNation and his facebook topics were always engaging and thought provoking. Every post or encounter I’ve ever had with Joey was a treat, extremely helpful and riddled with endless informative patience.. Including the times I couldn’t login correctly or get my comic uploaded right. For a lot of the topics I discuss or cover, Joey was someone’s opinion I respected and had the expectation I’d always would have available to rely on and share with my columns as The Indy Hunter. “How soon is now?”, when some of us take advantage of tomorrow?

Joey, we’re sorry to see you leave too early and we hope we do you proud. You will be missed.

If you would like to help out Joey’s family or donate to Joey’s memory you can do so here.

Joey Manley


Table of Contents


We can’t very well just talk about all this talent and tools w/o showing you any of the good right? Feel free to entertain yourselves with the creative efforts of our ZineSmiths including but not limited to Poetry, Webstrips, (not that Bitshit), our Indy Art Gallery, and other ranting and free forms of expression. It’s a rotating roundup on the range of redefined representation!


The Indy Showcase Brings You: A Poet's Mind by Alex Ness

Welcome to the first offering of The Indy Showcase in which we are proud to bring you Author and Poet Alex Ness in a brand new column, A Poet's Mind. From the words of Mr. Ness himself!

Indy Showcase Welcomes: Strictly Speaking - The Candy Corn Conundrum

Our very own Strict is back with his unique particular brand of rants and interesting insights of the intricacies around him! Agree with him? Want to debate him? Never thought of it that way before? Ahhh I see what you mean! All of that and a bad ass bag of Strict!



Indy Spotlighting our special creators and their projects. In-depth interviews and features w/ a focus on what they were thinking, how they approach their work and interpretations of the world and industries around them. Something you want to know? This is the place to go.


Indy Hunter Interview: Javier Grillo Marxcuach and Les McClaine of The Middleman Fame

Indy Hunter interviews the Dynamic Duo of the fan-favorite comic and ABC Family Television Cult Hit, The Middleman! Back with a new book and a new Indiegogo Campaign!

Indy Hunter Interview with Dirk Manning and his Tales of Mr. Rhee Hardcover/Kickstarter

Indy Hunter gets to chat with the very busy but always hospitable Dirk Manning about his Kickstarter campaign to bring his widely-popular Tales of Mr. Rhee to print. Finally because you demanded it!



Reviews culled from The Outhousers and other Independent Properties outside the Big-Two. Discover new gems hidden from the mainstream feed you’re used to. Take a chance and reward those risk takers. Or read about those that did and form your own opinion. Rants and raging against the complacency or free flowing tangents also welcomed.


Indy Hunter Reviews: Keith Brown's "It's An Extra Spooky Heebie-Jeebies Creepy Halloween!

This October's Surprise is a special spooky review with creator Keith Brown's All-ages effort, "It’s an Extra Spooky Heebie-Jeebies Creepy Halloween!"

Indy Hunter Reviews: Brian John Mitchell's Matchbook Mini-Comics

Brian John Mitchell has been on our show a few times now talking about his custom Mini-comics the size of Match-books! Now, with our review, we will actually put them to the test and after burn their success, on the Indy-5-Ohh!

Indy Rant: Why Not Just Regular Comics?

Everynow and then the Indy Hunter's conciousness goes to war with his common sense. Find out why Indy's pazzing out about format and intentions with Mini-comics and trying new things.



Our ZineSmiths show you exactly what they’re made of! Anyone’s process can vary from craft to comic, project to process. The purpose of this section is for you to see how it’s done through their methods.” Do something similar but find another route to get there? Feel free to share in the comments section. Instant Workshop Baby!


In-DIY-Between The Lines Featuring On the Grind's Geo Gant

In-DIY-Between The Lines is back this time with Webcomics and Cartoonist of "On The Grind" Geo Gant! Witness as one of Hound Comic's very own, Geo shows us his process for making one of his strips, step by step, pixel by pixel. A treat not to be missed!

In-DIY-Between The Lines Featuring Evette Makes Things

To Launch our new segment In-DIY-Between The Lines, Bam Too! Layout assistant Evette brings to the Outhousers/ZineSmiths her other passion and craftmaking. Introducing "Evette Makes Things!"

In-DIY-Between Featuring Ben "Neb" Girven

In-DIY-Between The Lines Featuring Ben"Neb"Girven! Neb's here to walk you through his process of doing his awesome vesrion sketch cards!



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About the Author - J.M. Hunter

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